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January 25th, 2009 · 15 Comments · breakfast, Sexy six pack challenge, soups

Hi bloggies, I forgot to mention that I decided to participate in Amanda’s Sexy Six Pack challenge.  Did you notice how much I love challenges? :)  

The sexy six pack challenge logo

The rules state that you have to commit to some kind of abs routine at least 3 times a week for 30 days.  Originally I said I’ll just do something for at least 10 minutes (abs class at the gym, abs class from my dvr, my own somethin somethin) and that’s what I started with, but yesterday under my bed I noticed a very dusty AB slide that was crying out for help.  I got this thing years ago in college and I can probably count on my 2 hands the number of times I used it.  This thing is so hard!  I mean, not only does it work your abs, but your arms have to be mighty strong if you want to get back up.  Now that sounds like my kind of challenge! 😀  So I’ll be using this baby at least 3 times a week and we’ll see if I can improve.

AB slide

Don’t let its cute appearance fool you!  This thing is a monster!  

Anyways, this is where I may grow some balls and actually show you what I’m made off.  I took a “before picture” of my abs yesterday.  I will not post it until February 17, hopefully along with the sexy six pack abs in the “after picture.”  Of course that’s only if I don’t chicken out.  Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten Barney Butter straight out the jar this morning, heh? 😉

So for my first AB slide workout, I did 20 straight rolls and 10 on each side.  I think it’s possible to roll out even further, but I’m not there yet.  It’s funny, because I think my ab muscles are pretty strong, but somehow this thing still kicks my ass… err, abs 😀  I’ll report on my progress with the AB slide in future posts.


After doing a little rollin, I turned on my cable box for some yoga.  It’s totally my new thing!  I like that I don’t have to leave the apartment to have a little workout!  I just did a 20 minute routine that was nice and relaxing – lot’s of stretching.  I totally needed it!  My inner thighs were making a clicking noise that freaked me out a bit.  I felt better afterwards!

Then I did a whole lot of nothing but after a few hours put on my gym clothes and hit the gym.  I knew I wanted to do some weights and figured I’ll just see if I feel like anything else once I’m there.  Of course, once I get to the gym I’m like a machine, so it ended up being an extra long session.  Works for me! :)

I started with a 5 minute warm-up on the elliptical, followed by back/biceps/hamstrings/glutes and obliques workout from Jillian’s Winning by Losing book…. then 15 minutes on the bike and another 10 minutes on the elliptical.  I felt great afterwards, and the best part, because I pushed myself a little extra, I hit my weekly workout minimum (~8 hours) so I don’t have to work out today if I don’t want to (and it looks like it is going to be a lazy day so that’s good that I don’t have to drag myself to the gym).  Gym workout stats:

  • Duration: 1:40
  • Calories burnt: 735 (45% fat)
  • Ave HR: 134, Max HR: 189


banana/mascarpone/chocolate stuffed french toast

I started the morning with some whole wheat french toast stuffed with 1/2 banana, mascarpone cheese and chocolate chips (using Arnold’s Double Fiber whole wheat bread as the base).  The egg mixture was just 3/4 of an egg with 1/4 cup skim milk and a drop of vanilla extract.  Here are the insides before cooking:

stuffed french toast insides

And the final product with some coffee:

banana/mascarpone/chocolate stuffed french toast with coffee

Gooey insides:

cooked stuffed french toast cross section

Yum! :)


organic gala apple

homemade lentil soup with goat cheese toast

Mmm, goat cheese…

goat cheese toast closeup

no pudge brownie with dried cherries

2 AK MAK crackers

banana bread larabar

And for dinner, we went to O Sushi restaurant.  I’ll do a separate post of dinner with my restaurant review :)

We also went to a Big Lebowski party (the Big Lebowski movie was playing in one room, we were all drinking white russians, and a few people were playing Wii Bowling in another room), so I had one of these:

white russian

How was your weekend?

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15 Comments so far ↓

  • #1 - Sharon

    Wow, everything looks scrumptious! And good luck with the challenge!

  • #2 - K

    Holy cow to that french toast – SO decadent!

    I always wondered if those ab sliders really worked, good to know! Good luck on your challenge :)

  • #3 - Amanda

    those ab rollers are hard!!

    man i need to start reading your posts before I eat, not after!

  • #4 - Michelle

    Love that ab challenge! Your breakfast looks amazing! Glad you had a fun weekend!

  • #5 - not sister inna

    Wow Elina- that French toast. Wow. I want.
    Come cook for me?

  • #6 - junghwa

    your breakfast looks so good!!! is that cheese you spread on the bread?

  • #7 - Lara

    Wow lady, you really know how to do french toast!
    What yoga DVD do you use? I am looking to expand my single-DVD collection 😉

  • #8 - Suzanne

    I think the six-pack workout challenge is a great idea! Since joining the gym last year, I’ve noticed a definite change in my core muscles. My favorite tool to use is a stability ball. My gym has a stability ball class that focuses on situps and other light weight lifting exercises to strengthen your abs and it feels great after! I was thinking of buying a ball for my apartment to do some workouts on my own when I don’t want to brave the cold weather outside and go to the gym. I’ve also tried on of those Ab Slides and it is extremely difficult for me. Good luck!!

  • #9 - Kim

    I totally have one of those ab rollers and completly forgot about it until now! I remember using it 1x and it hurting my knees so I stopped, lol!

    That banana French toast thing looks SO GOOD!

  • #10 - Bridget

    Love the ab roller!! i think one of my roomates in College had one…I loved that thing, I should get a new one :) I like the sounds of this Ab challenge…hmmm 😉
    Man you were an exercising machine! I’m jealous…I need to stop planning things on weekends. That french toast looks absolutely fabulous!!

    Hahah love the Big Labowski party…my fiance dressed up as “the dude” for halloween a couple years ago ahah!

  • #11 - ashley

    wowwww that stuffed french toast looks so good! my jaw just dropped :)

  • #12 - Elina

    Junghwa, yes that’s mascarpone cheese (kind of like a cross between butter and cream cheese if you haven’t tried it yet).

    Lara, I just use the stuff that’s on my cable box. I haven’t commited to buying any dvds yet. Let me know if there are any really good ones you’d recommend.

    Suzanne, I bet a stability ball will look very modern instead of a chair :)

    Bridget, that’s pretty funny. I think it’s ok to have fun on the weekend with friends instead of hording the gym like I did 😉

  • #13 - Lara

    Right now I just have Element’s AM & PM yoga. It consistently gets good reviews and I have nothing but good things to say about it. The instructor is calming and not obnoxious–and the moves are well choreographed so you can take it easy as a beginner or challenge yourself a bit if you’re more intermediate. I don’t know what level you’re at but it is definitely beginner to intermediate. Here’s the link:
    It’s my first yoga DVD so I have nothing to compare it to, but I’ll be checking the other ones out in this series soon enough!

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