House hunting and delicious eats

Phew, today ended up being quite busy.  I woke up with absolutely nothing on the agenda and ended up at 3 open houses and lots of talk about finances.  There was lots of unexpectedly delicious eats in between, though, so let’s get to it! :)


It seemed like forever since I’ve had stove top oats.  For awhile I completely switched to microwaved oats, because I thought I couldn’t tell the difference and it was just so much easier.  Then oats became a rare breakfast – I was just so much more into yogurt.  But the last time I made oats on the stove I realized why I “phased them out” – they really are a million times better on the stove and I just don’t have that kind of time on weekdays (reheating them is not the same either!).  After this realization, I have decided that oats will be added to the weekend breakfast menu, and today’s oats were absolutely amazing!  It surprised me how delicious they were.  My bowl:

Coffee banana oats

Today’s oatmeal was actually banana/coffee oatmeal.  I made 1/3 cup of dry rolled oats, cooked with 1/3 cup of skim milk and 1/3 cup of coffee (instead of water)!  I cooked the oats with 1/2 of a large banana and they came out super sweet, creamy and delicious!  The coffee flavor was subtle but very very nice.  I topped it with some nonfat yogurt (yogurt over cooked oats is awesome!!! kind of like frosting on cupcakes) and 2/3 serving of Archer Farms double chocolate espresso trail mix.  Oh yeah, I also drank a big cup of coffee with skim milk and agave nectar.  This was a coffee themed breakfast for sure!  Yum!!! :)


Breakfast and lots of house hunting excitement held me over until lunch for 5.5 hours!  We decided to go to b.good for healthy burgers and talk over the house choices.  B.good has delicious healthy burgers and sandwiches and amazing baked fries.  I almost ordered my usual, the el guapo, but at the last minute decided to try something new and ordered the Southwestern Chicken salad: mesclun, avocado, corn, tomatoes, black beans, toasted corn, chipotle balsamic dressing.

b.good southwestern chicken salad

OMG – this was incredible!!  Seriously, the best salad I’ve had in years, maybe my entire life.  I will be craving this thing for sure!  I told my husband we can just buy a house with a small kitchen because I can eat this salad every day of my life! 😀

The most surprising ingredient was the toasted corn.  It was kind of like crunchy popcorn.  Seriously genius and absolutely amazing.  Here is a little close-up:

b.good southwestern chicken closeup


When we finally got home I was hungry.  The salad was huge and pretty caloric, but I think I let too long to pass between 2 meals so I needed more food.  I grabbed another KIND bar.  I told you I’ll be through those 5 bars I got in the mail in no time 😉  Oh, to make it stick to my ribs a little I made a large cup of Yogi green tea.

Almond & cashew kind bar + green tea

The yogi tea had a very deep message.  Too deep for this girl :)  What does that mean?! 😆

Yogi tea message

Other snacks included an apple and peanut butter straight from the jar (the pb photo was a re-enactment; I’m guessing I had about 2 tablespoons in total):



The pb really stuffed me.  It’s been a few hours and it’s still sitting like a rock in my stomach which is preventing me from going to the gym, and certainly there will be no dinner necessary at this point (it’s almost 9pm).  I kind of like more intuitive eating during the weekends, though.  You just eat whenever you feel like it, instead of planned meal times like I have during the week.  On weekdays I’m starving within 3 hours of a meal no matter how large it is, but on the weekends activities fill my belly somehow.  Of course spoiling your appetite with peanut butter is another strategy :)

Total calories for the day: ~1215

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