Holiday spirit

Sorry for a lack of post yesterday – my husband had a late work holiday party last night and we came home a little tipsy and tired :)  Yesterday was really fun though, because there was lots of holiday filled activities.

I started the day by sleeping in (love the weekends!) and then after a very late breakfast hosted my sister and parents over.  This was kind of an unexpected visit so it was very low key, but it was still a lot of fun.  I wish my sister lived in Boston!  Anyways, since I haven’t seen her since before the holidays, I ended up giving her our xmas/hannukah/new year’s (we kind of celebrate everything in our family) gift yesterday and she really loved it.  It’s so fun to see a satisfied gift receiver :)  She told me since I liked gift giving so much, she was ok with me giving her a gift every time we hung out.  Haha, nice try, Inna! 😆

Here is my breakfast…


I was planning on having oats but right before I was about to make them realized that I really was craving one of my yogurt concoctions.  I just love them!

yogurt with bananas, dried cranberries, puffins and nuts

I didn’t really measure anything – just threw a bunch of stuff into the bowl.  It was so good.  In the bowl is TJ’s nonfat european style yogurt, 1/2 large banana, Barbara’s pb puffins, dried cranberries and raisins, pecans and roasted almonds.  I also had a large coffee with skim milk.  No sweetener required!

After my sister and my parents left, I went straight to the gym.  I was starting to feel a little lazy and a tiny bit hungry and I knew that if I didn’t go right away it just wasn’t happening.  Sometimes you just have to get off the coach and do it.  I had a really great workout!  On the agenda – lots of cardio!


I was going to start with a run when I got to the gym, but all the treadmills were taken 👿 So I jumped on the elliptical and did 30 minutes there, another 15 minutes on the bike, and then I finally got to do my 30 minute run.  It wasn’t as fast as I would like it to have been but still not bad at all.  Overall it was a great way to burn some calories before an indulgent dinner out.  Here are my workout stats:

  • Duration: 01:15
  • Calories burnt: 704
  • Ave HR: 153; Max HR: 211

With a combination of a later breakfast and an early dinner, there was no time for a lunch.  So I grabbed an apple to snack on while getting ready, so I wouldn’t show up at the restaurant absolutely starving.

apple on an apple :)

And off we went to my husband’s holiday part at the Metro 9 Steak House in Framingham, MA.


As soon as we got to the restaurant I got a nice glass of Jordan cabernet sauvignon.  This is a really great wine – too bad it’s so expensive, but on the company bill I was drinking it care free :)

Then came the hors d’oeuvres.  I wasn’t sure if I had the nerve to snap a picture, but I decided to just go for it!  Here is my plate:

apps at Metro 9

On the plate: 2 bacon wrapped scallops, a few carrot sticks, a beef crostini with blue cheese and horseradish and an eggroll that I didn’t end up eating because it was full of onions (yuck!).

I sipped on the first glass of wine and some water during the cocktail hour, and then we set down for dinner and my glass was refilled.

We had a private room reserved with a nice pre-fix menu:

Metro 9 menu

I munched on 2 little rolls with butter, while trying to make my food choices.  The rolls were warm and super doughy – amazing!  I was getting really excited about the dinner.

I ordered the caesar salad to start.  I’m not a huge fan of iceberg lettuce, but for some reason caesar salads always sound good at steak houses.  Here it is, beautifully presented:

Metro 9 caesar salad

Unfortunately it was really bland! :(  I had a few forkfuls and then just picked on the croutons.  My husband ordered it too, and had the same reaction.  Next up, a fillet mignon that I ordered medium.  The sides were served family style.  They had mashed potatoes, sweet potato fries, but I just ate the broccoli sauteed with garlic and a tiny bit of creamed spinach (wasn’t a fan of that).  I figured I needed to save my calories for the good stuff :)

Metro 9 steak

Again, it was beautifully presented, but overcooked.  In fact, everyone’s steak was overcooked.  Hmm.  I only ate about 2/3 of the steak.  I was hoping dessert was going to redeem this less than stellar experience so far.

I got the chocolate mouse cake that came with some vanilla ice cream:

Metro 9 chocolate cake

This thing was definitely not a mouse cake.  It was dense as a rock.  I think it was overcooked actually and that’s why it was so hard.  I (a self-proclaimed chocoholic) only ate about 1/3 of it and that’s because it was in front of me (otherwise I wouldn’t have eaten even that much).  I think everyone at the party was disappointed with their desserts.

The good news?  It was free (for us at least), we still had a great time, and I ate a lot less than I would have if I liked the food :)  The scale actually showed a lower number this morning than yesterday.  A rare occasion after a dinner out.  I’m cool with that 😎

Hope your weekend is going well!

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