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January 18th, 2009 · 9 Comments · breakfast, sandwich, snacks

Ok ok, so I guess I didn’t gamble much at Foxwoods and I guess there was plenty of eats AT Foxwoods, but I decided to fuel myself in preparation for the night ahead just in case ūüėČ ¬†Both my breakfast and lunch came out so delicious that my belly (and mind) were satisfied for hours. ¬†And I even squeezed in a decent workout before the madness began. ¬†I’ve been slacking off a bit lately. ¬†The cold is killing my mood to do anything productive. ¬†Anywayzzzz, on to food…


My sister mentioned the other day in one of the comments here that she wanted to make a fruit and whipped cream cheese wrap.  How amazing does that sound?!!!  Inspired by this brilliant idea I made mango/strawberry/whipped cream cheese open faced sandwiches for breakfast on Friday. I used the Baker flaxseed bread (love how grainy it is!).  This was fantastic and so simple!

mango/strawberry/cc sammies

Closeup… the colors are so vibrant!

mango/strawberry/cc sammies closeup

And just to show you that you can eat delicious and nutritious food on the go, here is a picture of it in tin foil.  Not blog-pretty but very efficient.  After taking the above pics, I wrapped the sandwiches up (separately) and brought them to work to enjoy there (the picture below is taken from the office Рthey travelled very well!).  This bread is very dense so it worked well, but I would definitely be aware of the fact that the bread may get soggy.

fruit/cc sammy in foil


So I haven’t been to the gym in TWO days. ¬†I felt like a total bum and surprisingly had a lot of energy to burn (or at least that’s what I thought). ¬†About 3 hours after breakfast I made some hummus rolls¬†(2 TJ’s low carb wraps with 2 T homemade hummus, cut up into bite size pieces) and bulked up the snack with rainbow¬†carrot sticks. ¬†Very simple and delicious.

hummus rolls

hummus rolls - closeup


I thought I had a lot of energy to burn. ¬†I was going to go to a bootcamp class but missed it, so instead I jumped on a treadmill with a plan to do 4 fast miles and maybe another 2 cooldown miles. ¬†Yeah, not so much. ¬†My legs felt like lead and the entire time I thought I was going to barf (sorry!) :( ¬†I did force down 5.2 miles at a decent pace, then did another 15 minutes on the stationary bike and 22.5 minutes on the elliptical. ¬†Workout stats (I’m still not sure if my HRM works properly. ¬†Is there a way to test it?)

  • Duration: 1:25
  • Calories burnt: 718
  • Ave HR: 145; Max HR: 193


Lunch made me SO happy! ¬†I love it when thing come out a million times better than expected. ¬†This was something I threw together because we had an open can of black beans, but I loved it so much, I may just have to repeat this exact combo for dinner tonight and I wouldn’t mind it one bit (seriously the only thing that’s stopping me is the fear of boring you to death with repeats of same meals over and over). ¬†Here is the final product: black bean cake with light laughing cow cheese, snap peas and avocado on Food for Life english muffin + rainbow carrots and grape tomatoes on the side.

black bean burger

Wanna see progress photos of the most amazing black bean burger ever? ¬†Ok since you asked so nicely ūüėÄ

I followed this recipe but substituted black beans for chickpeas, used water instead of broth and omitted the sage (we didn’t have any on hand). ¬†Btw, I have to give credit to Heather for finding this gem of a recipe (she emailed it to me a while back). ¬†So so good!

Mash black beans and olive oil in a bowl (I only used 1 teaspoon here instead of 2 tablespoons!), then add all the spices…

black bean cakes mix

Mash all the spices into the black bean mixture and work with your hands until a giant cake is created (sorry for the mess in the kitchen – I’m a messy girl when I cook!!)

black bean giant patty

Separate into 4 cakes and pan fry:

pan frying bean cakes

I started with 1 teaspoon of oil, then got scared that using so little oil in the cakes would make them super dry, so I added another teaspoon of oil into the pan before flipping these babies over. ¬†I think next time I’ll just use nonstick spray. ¬†The cakes were plenty moist and this little oil didn’t absorb into the cakes anyway – just prevented them from sticking to the pan.

Cooked cakes, resting…

cooked black bean cakes

And now my lunch sandwich, open faced so you can see all the goodies:

deconstructed bean burger with veggies

The texture of the bean cakes was so amazing! ¬†I was afraid they would be dry or crumbly but wheat gluten is apparently magic. ¬†It really “glued” all the ingredients perfectly and just made the texture fantastic. ¬†I also didn’t really measure out the lemon zest (added maybe 1/2 lemon worth of zest) so I’m not sure if it was more than the recipe called for, but the lemon taste was very strong and just made this extra delicious and fresh. ¬†Ok, now I’m hungry so yeah, I’m going to reheat another one of these babies ūüėõ


On the way to Foxwoods, I munched on a Honey Graham zbar and a small apple (no picture sorry, I still didn’t tell our friends about my blog by that time). ¬†Both snacks held me over perfectly until dinner around 8:30. ¬†And you already know the rest of the days eats:)

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  • #1 - ttfn300

    love that black bean burger :) and way to load it up!

  • #2 - Sharon

    Oh wow, tasty tasty eats!
    And that vibrant fruit sandwich is so GOOOOOD lookin’!

  • #3 - Lara

    So many good eats! Cream cheese/fruit wrap is genius. The black bean burgers look good. There are so many good recipes with black beans in blogworld lately. Who knew they were so versatile?!

  • #4 - Kim

    That breakfast looks AMAZING!

    I found a black bean pattie burger recipe last week which I’ve been meaning to try, yourburger looks delish with the avocado and the peas! YUM!

  • #5 - K

    Oh my gosh – fantastic eats all around! I don’t even know where to start!! LOVE the breakfast and lunch. Great recipe for BB cakes :)

  • #6 - Michelle

    Awesome eats! That breakfast looks sooooo delicious!

  • #7 - ashley

    that breakfast looks So good and fresh! and i am keeping that recipe for the black bean burger, that looks amazing!!

  • #8 - sister inna

    those breakfast sandwiches look like art ;P yummmmmm

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