Feeling good

I’m in such a great mood tonight!  I stayed up last night until almost midnight and finished “Chasing Harry Winston,” and then woke up a little after 6 am this morning to get ready for work.  I was sure today was going to drag but it totally flew by and every minute of the day was enjoyable (and it’s not over yet!).  Work was busy but good, I ate healthy & delicious things, I got lots of comments on my previous post from readers I didn’t know I had (so cool!) and I had an awesome workout during lunch!  Oh yeah, after blogging I am going to meet up with some girlfriends for drinks and a movie.  Not bad, eh? :)


Trader Joe’s wild mushroom & black truffle flatbread.  OMG – so so good!  I had truffled fries a few nights ago and truffled pizza tonight.  This is one good week! 😆  They were giving out samples of this at Trader Joe’s last time we were there, and I just had to get it for “emergency pizza cravings.”  Tonight, both my husband and I were hungry, and a delicious pizza that is ready in less than 10 minutes was definitely the way to go.  Did I already say how amazing it was?!!!  Here is the package, you can find it in the freezer section:

TJ's truffled pizza package

I had 1/2 and bulked it up with a giant carrot (cut up into “fries shape”).

TJ's flatbread with carrots

TJ's truffled flatbread closeup


maple nut instant oats w/ an apple and barney butter

Strawberry nut delight KIND bar

roasted tomato soup with chicken and corn bread casserole

roasted tomato soup with chicken closeup

corn bread casserole slice

Tangelo (a cross between a tangerine and a pamelo)

2% cottage cheese

Green & Black's organic hazelnut & currant dark chocolate

Add to that a glass of red wine I will have in about 30 minutes 😀

Total calories for the day: 1686 (including a 5 oz glass of wine) 


I haven’t been to the gym in 3 days until today!! I mentioned that to one of my co-workers who was also going to the gym today, and she looked at me like I was crazy (she hasn’t been since before Christmas).  For me, 3 days seemed like an eternity and I could not wait to do some serious bootie busting today 😉

I started with a 15 minute abs class and a 45 minute bootcamp class.  This is the first time I had my HRM with me at this class and it was pretty cool to watch my heart rate the whole time.  It was basically in the 150s the entire time, which is very good, I think.  After the classes, I jumped on the treadmill and ran for 3 miles + walked for 0.2 (split between warmup and cooldown).  It felt great to be back at it!  Workout stats:

  • Duration: 1:30
  • Calories burnt: 730
  • Ave HR: 143; Max HR: 217 (too high?)


After “hearing” Kath rave about the Eye-Fi wireless memory card, I just knew I had to get it!  Seriously, I just hate looking for the USB plug every time, plugging it into the little whole in the camera and then importing all the pictures.  And if I ever want to add another picture of the product package or something, forget about it!  I have to go through the same pain again.  Well, no more!  I stopped by Best Buy on the way home today and picked one of these babies up.  I immediately set it up, and now all I have to do is turn my camera on and it imports on the pictures into iphoto for me!  So so cool!!!  So yeah, that’s just another little something that made my day today.

Hope your Friday was a good one!  The weekend is here!!! 😀

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