Allowing a true rest day

I’ve given myself a true rest day from the gym today.  I used to take real rest days before but recently my day offs have been unplanned, which means that the entire day I felt like I should go to the gym but for some reason couldn’t or didn’t.  But yesterday I decided it was time.  It just made sense, since it’s been almost a week.  I still brought my gym clothes to work, just in case, but alas at lunch time decided to just enjoy a nice leisurely lunch at the library.  It was so nice!  I had 2 books waiting for me on hold – “Chasing Harry Winston” by Lauren Weisberger (a total chick book that I’ve been dying to read!!) and “Slow Food Nation” by Carlo Petrini (apparently a must-read for foodies and clean eater wanna-bes).  I spent an hour reading the girly book during lunch and then oh, maybe 3 hours after work.  I’m addicted!!  I really love Lauren Weisberger.  Anyway, so no workout today but for the first time in a while, I don’t feel guilty about it! 😀


Dinner for sure!  I picked up Cooking Light’s edition of Great Plates a few weeks ago and it has proven to be worth every penny with the first recipe I tried, the spicy-sweet glazed salmon that immediately made it to my top 8 home-cooked meals of ’08!  Today I made another recipe from the same issue, which once again was fantastic and really not much of a recipe (because it’s so simple!), but a real great combo nonetheless (leftovers, I am all over you tomorrow! 😀 ).  I realize, I’ve talked it up but I still haven’t told you what I made… it was the Gnocchi with chicken sausage and bell pepper using this recipe.  I omitted the onions and the fennel, and used freshly grated aged parmesan cheese instead of asiago and it was really really delicious!  It tasted like a “cheat meal” but wasn’t one.  I love those!  Here is my plate, actually a little less than a serving because I had a bit too much of trail mix 😳

gnocchi with chicken sausage and pepper


yogurt with banana, blackberries, honey roasted mixed nuts and kashi golean cereal

PranaBar - apricot and pumpkin flavor

PranaBar inside

This bar actually deserves a quick note.  It’s apricot and pumpkin flavor, but the pumpkin part was only pumpkin seeds – it is still date paste based.  It is vegan and 85% raw (the nuts were cooked a little to release the enzymes – whatever that means 😉 ) and it tasted really delicious!  All the pumpkin seeds made it for a very substantial snack and kept me full for over 3 hours!!  I ate the whole thing, despite only meaning to eat a half, so that also says a lot!

Leftover stir-fried beef with ginger, chili and bean sauce + brown rice

Homemade hummus, baby carrots + wheat crisps

Office brownie bite

+ Unpictured apricot and a lot of trail mix!!!


My husband (a.k.a. technical genius) finally fixed the search feature on my blog, so now it is much more user friendly.  So if you’ve been frustrated in the past with searching for stuff on my blog (I know I have!) try again and let me know how it works or if there is anything else you’d like me (or my husband 😉 ) to improve on.  I really need to clean up my categories section, that’s definitely on my to-do… I hope to get to it soon!

And I’m back to reading.  I think I’m going to finish the book by tomorrow at this pace! :)

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15 comments to Allowing a true rest day

  • wow does dinner look good! thanks for the bar and book reviews–i’m going to keep my eyes open for both of them!

    i love your nail polish!

  • lovely eats!! and i heart gnocchi :)

  • Trail mix, ahhh, I eat a lot of that too! So many mindless handfuls!

  • K

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your rest day and woohoo for the tech-smart hubs!!

    Thanks for the bar info :)

  • Ok, I am DEFINITELY trying that salmon soon! How did I miss that before?!
    I haven’t heard of that new Michael Pollan book–but I bet it’s good. Did you read “In Defence of Food”? What did you think of that? I have been meaning to discuss it on my blog but I think it’s old news in blog world. I need to get to the new stuff!

  • Lara, I made a mistake – the book is written by Carlo Petrini and it was published in 2007, so it may be old news too, not sure. I didn’t start reading food blogs until 2008, so maybe this has all been discussed back in ’07 :) I did hear that it’s a must read so I’m excited to get to it. Oh, I read in Defense of Food by Pollan and funny enough when I was reading it, I thought there was nothing very new in his book that I didn’t really know already, but somehow some of the references he makes really stuck with me and I think after reading it, that’s what really turned me off from artificial sweetners completely (when in the past, I thought it wouldn’t kill me in moderation). It was a bit of a dry read, but I’m glad I read it for sure!

  • inna a

    that office brownie looks so good right now. i should stop reading this blog first thing in the morning huh..

  • Hey, sister Inna, you’re not following the rules! 😆 No, don’t stop reading the blog!! I promise to stop eating brownies! Ok, that’s not really happening… 😀

  • OMG I love gnocchi! I think its my favorite italian dish

    Kelly Turner

  • Husband Adam

    I just ate that gnocchi for lunch and it was awesome as a leftover too.

    Save that recipe for a ‘must make again’ list pleas :)

  • I read Chasing Harry Winston this summer! What a fun read!!!! I loved it!!!!

    Your eats look great! Especially that gnocchi meal!

  • That bar actually looks really good! I always eat the whole bar unless I pre-cut and pack the rest away!

    I, like you, feel like I should be working out unless I plan a rest day.It’s so weird.

    Love the gnocci!

  • Barney Butter: The coupon code is ‘runtothefinish’ and is valid through 1/15/09. It is free shipping on orders of $14 or more.

    you always have such creative ideas for your healthy eats. I’ve been craving veggies lately, so I need to look through your archive

  • the bar looks yummy, would you compare the taste to a Lara or is it less “datey?”

  • Elina

    Thanks, Amanda! I really need to stock up on Barney Butter – love that stuff!

    Hi Emily, I would say it was similar to a larabar in its datiness but the pumpkin seeds added a very nice crunch I’ve never had in a larabar and I think it made it more filling.


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