Thank you thank you

Thank you thank you thank you for all of your comments yesterday!!!!!!  It was really nice to see all the support and a very clear message: I should move on when things like that happen and concentrate on what I can do going forward instead of beating myself up over the past.  It’s hard, but last night when I was lying in bed I was excited about today coming.  I knew I would be in a better place mentally.  I also chose to come into work a little later (we have a scheduled fire drill so I would be spending a bunch of time chilling outside anyways) which means that I can write this post and enjoy breakfast at home.  A much better start to this day! 😀  So thanks again!  I’ll try to be kinder to myself next time!

I didn’t take a lot of pictures yesterday as some of it was just stuffing my face.  Old habits die hard.  I’m working on it.  What I did take pictures of is worth noting though (especially dinner!) so let’s get to it…


Breakfast was my classic yogurt combo: 3/4 cup of TJ’s European style nonfat yogurt, 1/2 banana, 1 serving of TJ’s nutty American trek mix and a handful of Kashi Go lean cereal.  I really love this combo.  This trail mix is still my absolute favorite.  I tried to branch out but I stay true to my #1 trail mix love 😆


As mentioned in my previous post, I grabbed some chocolate covered edamame from a desk drawer.  I didn’t take a picture as I was preparing for a conference call that was starting soon.  The crunch of the dried edamame was a nice little stress reliever and the chocolate helped ease my chocolate craving.  I knew that I didn’t need this snack but I felt like it and figured it was only 100 calories so I could indulge.

Then came the infamous cookies… Here is the first one (make that 2.5 in total):

Bleh!  It went downhill from there.


After a few hours of digesting I decided that I should have some real food.  I heated up some leftovers: grilled chicken, brown rice and grape sauce from the pork I made a little while ago.  I love baked grapes- they are so sweet!

And around 5pm or so, I wanted something fresh, so I had a large carrot (it was so large that I couldn’t pack it for work without cutting it up… believe me this thing was HUGE).  It was actually pretty fun eating these little carrot bites 😀


I considered skipping dinner to compensate for my extra snacks, but decided that cooking a healthy dinner could be kind of therapeutic and I was really excited to make this recipe.  My friend Katie sent me this link from Cooking Light and said both her and her boyfriend absolutely loved this recipe for Basil Shrimp with Feta and Orzo.  This was grounds for making it to my “to-make list” and last night was the night 😉

My husband had to work late and I wanted to keep dinner on the lighter side so I halved the recipe, nixed the onions, but otherwise followed the recipe closely (oh I also used a plastic oven bag instead of foil – does that make a difference?).  This was fantastic!!!  I ended up eating a whole serving (despite planning on only eating 1/2) and seriously wanted more.  Katie said it was super filling but I actually found that a serving was very small compared to its caloric content.  That’s my only complaint really.  With my husband not being home, I had to fight every urge to eat his portion, but I resisted 😛

*Edited to add* I’m not so smart sometimes.  I thought the recipe yielded 4 servings so I cut it in half and split it into 2 portions.  Welllll, it actually yields only 2 servings so last night I only ate 1/2 serving.  That’s why I thought it was too small and not filling enough!  I guess I’m not so good at reading 😀  Oh btw, my husband loved it but said it wasn’t enough food.  Duh, I gave the poor man a lunch that’s less than 250 calories! 😳

Here is one serving still in its oven bag:

And my portion (1/2) serving:

Yum, yum!  I will definitely be making it again (I hope my husband likes it today – I talked it up quite a bit!).  Thanks Katie!

Then I turned on the Biggest Loser and munched on some trail mix.  Yes out of the bag again.  I know it’s totally bad but I was in a self-destructive mood.  I’m good now, don’t worry :)

No calorie count for the day.

I didn’t make it to the gym, but I did walk home (in the cold and rain with no umbrella – it was actually refreshing and like my sister said – it made me feel more alive or something like that).  So that’s 25 minutes, 1.3 miles, or 1.3 points to the HBBC total (combined with yesterday that’s 5.3 points).  Slim pickings here, I’ll try to add a little something to this today.

Ok, my time is up.  Gotta get ready for work.. ASAP!  Hope you’re having a great Wednesday!!

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