If you’ve been following my blog for a little while, you may have realized my (not so small) obsession with chocolate and baked goods (especially baked goods with chocolate… and nuts).  I was thinking that this love of mine should not be ignored, so from this week on I plan on visiting a new bakery (or another sweet establishment) once a week and featuring it on this blog.  The treats consumed will likely not be healthy but they will be consumed in moderation and will once again help me in the “sane” category.  Looking forward to a guilty pleasure can be a great diet motivator, plus this will be a lot of fun and will hopefully help me explore Boston’s finest and find some “hidden jewels.”

So without further adieu, I present to you my first review in this series… today’s post covers one of my favorite bakeries in the greater Boston area – Tatte.  

I first discovered Tatte this past summer at a Farmer’s Market.  They had a cute little booth set up with all of their goodies beautifully displayed.  Every cookie, pastry and cake looked more like a work of art (if you go to their website their pictures will speak louder than words!) but I was on my way to pick up some cupcakes for company and fought every urge to purchase one of each.  I told myself they’ll be there next Tuesday (it was Friday) which is just a few days away.  I’ll be honest- I could not get it out of my mind for days, and was back at their stand that very next Tuesday.

The “nut boxes” caught my eye immediately (they are just so beautiful) but being the chocoholic that I am I heard myself say: “1 brownie with hazelnuts please.”  This was last summer, way before my blogging days, so unfortunately I have no picture of it to contribute to this post.  It was of course beautiful, but to tell you the truth, not chocolatey enough for this girl.  Did it stop me from going back (and dreaming about it)?  You know the answer – of course not!

The next time I was back, I couldn’t help but order another chocolate treat – the chocolate rose.  I was actually kind of blogging on SparkPeople at that point, so here is my little post (this is such a blast from the past – funny!)

“So this is what I came across when I went fruit shopping at the local farmer’s market. Yup, I bought it and I destroyed it in less than five minutes. It was actually a little embarassing, because I probably looked like an animal trying to eat this beast. Actually now that I think of it, there was an old lady that came really close to me, leaned over (I was sitting on the bench), smiled and chuckled a little. I think this was happening while I was licking my fingers. Seriously, I’m not even lying…  It was GOOOOOD!!!! “

And here is a picture (taken on another occasion… there were a few of these occasions 😉 )

The chocolate rose is very yummy, I also had their chocolate brioche (also delicious) but the real gem at this place is the nuts box.  On one my trips to the farmers market I finally got to try it – and it blew me away!!!  So today, when my other plans fell through, I wasn’t too upset because this mixed nut box had my name all over it, and if you are ever in the Boston area and like nuts and baked goods, this treat (and Tatte) is not to be missed.  It was even packaged in the cutest little box – this place is so classy; I love it!

And here is the star of the post – the mixed nuts box:

The shortbread “box” is filled with mixed nuts and toffee/caramel like filling.  Here is the cross section… can I have another one right now?! 

My husband even loved it and he always says he’s not a sweets person.  He probably had 1/4 of this baby, and I definitely polished off the rest.  So to conclude, check out Tatte (their cute little boutique is in Brookline) and stay tuned for other delicious bakery treats from Boston’s finest.  I hope you enjoyed this post… I can tell you I enjoyed it (gobble gobble) 😉

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