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December 25th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Boston, Cooking Light, dessert, pizza, salad, sandwich, snacks, sweet potato

I kind of went crazy eating the last week.  My all-or-nothing mentality got the best of me, and once I decided it was ok to indulge during the holidays, I REALLY indulged.  It was a little sick.  Last night (after the Christmas dinner) both me and my husband were lying in bed so stuffed we both felt disgusting.  This means that today we are truly getting back on track – no more “indulging” to the point of sickness.

I did eat A LOT of really yummy food.  We had a pot luck day at work, which spilled into a 2 day event (there was just so much food we couldn’t eat all of it in one day!).  I took lots of pics, but there was definitely even more food that did not get photographed (again, mostly chocolate). A few items that you do see pictures of, I ended up not eating after tasting them (because they just weren’t “worthy”).  Here goes (Sun-Wed eats)… scroll over pics for descriptions.





Sunday: tilapia with S&P, bread crumbs and parmesan cheese, broiled in toaster oven for about 15 minutes + brussels sprouts cooked using this recipe (it’s the best!).

Monday: my in-laws were over for dinner so I made tuna casserole using this recipe from Cooking Light.  I used condensed milk instead of 2% milk and it came out very creamy and delicious!  Here is the whole pan:

And my portion (about 1/6 – I was stuffed from all the potluck eating at work):

Tuesday: out with friends – I got a flatbread mushroom pizza at Dillon’s.  It was huge and amazing (!!!) –  had the whole thing, minus 1.5 slices I gave to my husband.  I also had 2 glasses of wine :)

Wednesday – Christmas Eve – dinner at my sister in law’s…

Pig-in a blanket, bacon wrapped mini scallop (I had like 5 of those), a piece of cold cut calzone and a crab cake: 

Second plate: another pig in a blanket, a chicken parm calzone (I had another 1/2 slice… maybe a whole slice, I can’t remember), a chicken wing (I had another 1 or 2 after that):

A chocolate cookie with frosting… it was decorated by my 4-year old nephew and he proudly presented me with it so I had to have one (ok, it didn’t take much convincing 😛 )

Key lime pie slice (I had another tiny sliver of this):

And some monkey bread (this is the whole pan, but I really went to town on this – seriously I probably had 1/4 of the whole cake).  It tasted like cinnamon buns, minus the frosting – amazing!!

Sorry for the lack of descriptions here.  It was just too much food – I didn’t want to overwhelm you with too much writing on top of all the pictures.  There was NO exercise ( :( ) at all.  I kind of lost all control, but I am seriously motivated to get back on the wagon 😀 !  I had a healthy breakfast this morning… plan on hitting the gym in a bit and planning some healthy meals for me and my hubs for the next week.  Merry Christmas everybody!!!!

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  • #1 - Sharon

    I know what you mean about the all-or-nothing mentality. I have that problem too! But I must say, OMG THAT FOOD LOOKS SO GOOD!

  • #2 - Katy

    I’m so glad you posted this … I felt alone! I too gave myself permission to indulge a LITTLE, and that turned into a LOT. It’s frustrating to realize how hard it is to lose weight and make good decisions, and how easy it can be to throw it all away!

    So, back on the horse tomorrow. :)


  • #3 - Adam

    If there’s one time its ok to indulge like crazy, its the holidays :)