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Popcorn is dangerous

December 2nd, 2008 · 10 Comments · snacks, soups, yogurt

Hi hi!  I am on a total sugar rush right now…. damn popcorn.  Ok, let’s not jump ahead of ourselves :)


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my parents sent me home last night with some juicy strawberries (and a few other fruits).  So of course I had to make a strawberry yogurt parfait! 😀  Here is today’s bowl… yum-o!

Today’s bowl contained about 3/4 c of nonfat yogurt, 5 very large strawberries, a serving of TJ’s nutty american trek mix, a small handful of Kashi GoLean cereal and an even smaller handful of Corn Chex cereal.  Yup, good stuff!

But right before digging into this delicious bowl, I passed by a sweet potato pie and couldn’t resist a little slice.  Here it is with my morning coffee:

I had about 2 bites of it and realized that the idea of it was more appealing than the actual taste of it, so I quickly tossed it before changing my mind and just eating it for no reason.  Good move!


Lunch was boring for blogging purposes but it was muy delicioso!  I had the leftover buffalo chicken pizza from Saturday and a persimmon.  Ok, the persimmon may be exciting for blogging purposes (it was also courtesy of my parents!) 😀

I thought this picture was pretty too, so you get to see the persimmon in all its glory :)  This is just 1/2 sliced, but of course I couldn’t resist it and ate the other half right away 😀  Love it!


And then the munchies began…

My last 100 calorie dark chocolate bar (must stock up on these babies immediately!):

And then I got a package… some chocolate covered popcorn.  This was one of those “girl scout” type things.. I don’t remember exactly what it was for, but basically my co-worker brought his kid to work and he had us all sign up for different gourmet popcorns.  How you can resist a cute kid like that when he’s in your office?  Well you can’t, and today I couldn’t resist the popcorn that we finally got.  I happened to have a 1/2 c measuring cup in my drawer (equals to 1 serving of this stuff).  So I measured out my first serving and took a picture for you like a good blogger :)

That’s the tin in the background… it was huge!  Then I was working late and just starting eating straight out of the tin – yikes!  Yeah, I don’t know how much I ate… I estimated another 3 servings :(  I brought the rest home and portioned it out in little baggies, so there will be no more incidents like that!  The good news, when I came home dinner was basically waiting for me because I did a little prepping last night…


I read this post on Tina’s blog a little while ago and ever since had an itch to finally use the crock pot we got as a wedding gift. Well with a busier working schedule I thought it was perfect to begin the crock pot Mondays tradition in our house :)  I got the ingredients last weekend we went grocery shopping and did some prep work last night to come home to a meal that was waiting for me!  I took pictures of the “process” (seriously it was so easy, there wasn’t much of a process there but you know what I mean) for you 😀

Here are all the ingredients for the lentil soup:

I followed Tina’s guest blogger’s recipe (sorry I couldn’t find her name!) but omitted the onions because as you probably know by now I hate them, and also omitted the celery because I don’t like them and my husband said he hated them.  So yeah, this thing doesn’t have too many ingredients and I omitted a few of them.  Quite risky but I was still up for the challenge.  I chopped up the carrots and the garlic, washed the parsley and threw everything into the crock pot.  Here it is ready to go in the fridge for the night:

And chilling in the fridge :)

I also washed and drained the lentils and stuck them in the fridge (right in the colander).  This morning I just added the lentils to the crockpot and turned it on for 10 hours.  When I got home tonight, I pureed 2 cups in the blender, as per the recipe, and made myself a bowl 😀

This made A LOT!  Sorry it looks kind of gross…

I measured it our in ladles to calculate the calories.  This made about 22 ladles, about 40 calories per ladle. Very low cal and filling!

Here is the whole thing in the tupperware just to show you how much of it there is here..

And my bowl… much prettier :)  2 ladles’ worth!  I am totally stuffed from the chocolate popcorn (a.k.a. dieter’s nightmare… dangerous stuff I tell ya!)

I actually ended up adding a whole bunch of hot sauce to this because it tasted a bit bland.  My husband didn’t like it but I think it’s quite nice.  He’s weird, don’t listen to him!  This stuff is pretty good and I imagine even better if you like onions and celery, because it will add some more flavor.  I’m looking forward to having it for lunch tomorrow and I’m freezing the rest to have in the future.

Total calorie count: 1579 (just an estimate because eating popcorn out of the bag means that I have no idea how much I actually consumed… hopefully it wasn’t more than 4 servings!)

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10 Comments so far ↓

  • #1 - K

    Chocolate covered popcorn? That sounds amazing!

    The lentil soup looks delish!!

  • #2 - Sharon

    Chocolate covered popcorn? That sounds ever so tasty! And oh, I wish we had a TJ’s in Canada. That TJ chocolate looks delicious too! Mmmm..

    And I think you did a great job with the lentil soup! What do you do with the extra?

  • #3 - Elina

    Yeah that chocolate popcorn was delicious, but that was part of the problem! 😉

    Sharon, I am going to freeze the rest of the soup in 1-2 serving batches… and I’m having some for lunch today :)

  • #4 - Adam

    I’m not weird! I just don’t like lentils. It reminded me of something my mom used to make all the time when I was little which I was not a fan of.

    Plus, I think this is the first thing you’ve ever cooked that I didn”t like!

  • #5 - Elina

    Hehe, don’t get defensive honey! Hopefully tonight’s dinner will be better 😀

  • #6 - joanna

    good job on throwing away the pie!! i have a self control issue so i would’ve never done that. it looks yummy though.

  • #7 - HangryPants

    I concur on the popcorn. It’s so hard not to eat pie just to eat it! Great job. Love the soup, too. 😀

  • #8 - inna

    i think i’d like that soup
    i love lentils… maybe save some for me 😀

  • #9 - Lara

    Love the measuring cup in your desk drawer. That is awesome 😉

  • #10 - Michelle

    Your breakfast looks awesome! Chocolate covered popcorn = soooo good!