I got up this morning with a goal to go to a hot vinyasa class I haven’t been to in months.  It’s always a delicate balance between eating too much and not eating enough before the class, so I woke up a few hours early to give myself time to digest.  Let’s get to…


I wanted to keep it light (but not too light) this morning.  Seriously every time I’ve been to a yoga class in the morning, I’ve been either starving or way too full.  It could be because when the practice gets tough, your mind starts wandering… and food is typically what my mind wanders to :)  I think today I finally got it right!

I went with cereal this morning.  I don’t remember the last time I had cereal with milk (I typically use it as a topping over my yogurt as you know) but today I dug into every box in the house and had a big yummy cereal medley.

This bowl contained 1 cup of skim milk, 1/3 serving of Barbara’s peanut butter puffins, 1/3 serving of corn chex cereal, 1/3 serving of Kashi Golean cereal, a handful of Erin Baker’s double chocolate granola and 1 medium banana.  Very delicious, although the puffins got a little soggy and I really like how crunchy they are over yogurt.  No worries, though, I still really enjoyed this bowl and it was fun to have cereal with milk for a change.  I thought I wasn’t full enough after finishing this, but about an hour later realized that I’m perfectly happy.  I guess my mind had to catch up with my belly 😛


Since it’s been forever since my last hot yoga class, so today I decided to go to the beginners class.  It’s plenty hard, the room is still a billion degrees (which makes just about any move difficult) and yoga is all about you and your comfort level anyway so I knew I’d still get a great workout.  Well today I swear she took it a little easier on us.  I’m wondering if it’s because of the holidays there were more beginners there than usual (I’ve taken the beginners class before and many yoga veterans attended it) but it was still tough sometimes and was really REALLY good mentally.  I love how the instructor reminds you that yoga is not just a physical but a mental practice.  It just feels so good to concentrate on yourself for 90 minutes in a different way.  I really loved the class today!!!  I know I won’t wait months until my next practice.  Actually I’m considering getting some dvds for the home.  I’ve been stressing about silly things and maybe yoga will help me with some perspective on things.  Plus it’s a great way to improve flexibility and stretch those tired muscles, right?

I also decided to walk home from the class (instead of taking the train), which kind of prolonged the whole “me/thinking-time.”  The wind in my face felt refreshing…

So that’s 3 HBBC points for 90 minutes of yoga and 1.4 points (it was 1.4 mile walk) for the walk home.


I stopped by a grocery store to pick up a few quick things for lunch (just bread and cheese actually) and made a yummy simple meal.  I bought some whole wheat pitas, found 1 WF garlic parmesan chicken sausage in the fridge, and 1 sweet potato hanging out on the shelf.  I sliced up the sweet potato really thin, sprayed it with EVOO Pam, seasoned the slices with some S&P, popped them in the oven at 450* and jumped in the shower.  By the time I was out, the sweet potato chips were ready (actually there were 2.5 burnt pieces, damn).  They were soooooo good!  I shared 1/2 with my husband :)  He called them “cravable.”  Good word.

I also grilled the chicken sausage of the George Forman grill, sliced up some pickles and put it all together for a well rounded meal:

And for dessert, 1/2 serving of TJ’s dark chocolate edamame:


After a bit of prettifying and meal planning for the week, I decided to go out and run some errands.  I walked everywhere to get a few extra HBBC points since I was a lazy bum yesterday 😀

On my way to the shops I ate the Almond, Walnut & Macadamia KIND bar.


Let me begin by saying that I have a tiny obsession with KIND bars.  I have a huge box with lots of yummy bars (larabars, zbars, etc.) and I really get most excited about the KIND bars.  That’s why I grabbed this baby today.  Well this guy was hard as a rock!  Seriously I was glad I ate it when no one was looking because I looked pretty silly fighting this thing.  There were a few times I bit on this thing with all my force and it didn’t give in.  The only reason I finished it was because that was my only dining option (except for you know, blowing my diet and hitting a bakery for a cookie or something – oh yeah, I thought about it!).  I’m not sure if this was just a one-off thing or if that’s because it was 100% nuts (no dried fruit to soften it).  Has anyone else tried this flavor?

I realized I was quite hungry while shopping and again considered going for a brownie or something, but I decided to start with a large tea and re-evaluate the situation in an hour.  I stopped by Tealuxe and got a Pear White Tea.  I love Tealuxe!!

Running errands actually proved to be very stressful (can’t give you more details at this point because it involved xmas shopping for a few of my readers 😳 ) so when I left “the store” I had knots in my stomach and definitely did not want to eat.  Fine by me.

Next stop: Trader Joe’s.  I bought a bunch of goodies, including some organic gala apples and had one of them on my way to the nail salon.  It was really delicious!  I think gala apples are my new fruit obsession (well I still can’t live without bananas but gala apples are my new favorite snack for sure!).

Walking to and from the stores was about 3.2 miles, so today’s HBBC point total is 7.6 (I love how walking really adds up!) and the running total so far is 28.05.  Ooh, I just realized I’m actually on track with my personal goal of average of 4 points/day.  Yay! 


I got home pretty late and was pretty hungry.  My husband already had dinner by that time so I knew I had to take advantage of cooking for just me and made a delicious salad (he doesn’t like salads so I sneak them into my diet when I can).  My salad today was inspired by the Ginger Jeweled Salad from 101 cookbooks.  I was hungry so I didn’t make the ginger dressing but I did have most of the dried fruits and nuts Heidi had in her recipe so my salad was still pretty similar (and she definitely deserves the credit for it).  It was so good – really a perfect mix of sweet and savory!

So in my salad I used a new interesting grain I found at Trader Joe’s today, called Greenwheat Freekeh.  Yes, it’s practically called the freaky grain but I was intrigued 😀  Here is the package:

The package said it is a super substitute for rice, couscous or pasta, and it’s higher in protein.  Since I was making a vegetarian salad, a higher protein content in the grain sounded like a good idea.  The verdict?  It was not freaky at all – it tasted like wheat berries.  I liked that it was already cooked so I just threw 1/2 package on the salad and it added some nice chew and texture.  Other salad ingredients included: dried cranberries (sweetened), hazelnuts, dried mission figs and light feta cheese.  Here is the salad goodness:

And I have to give you the close-up.  Doesn’t it look amazing?!  I love hazelnuts… and figs!!!

I dressed the salad with the most amazing strawberry balsamic vinegar my sister brought us from her most recent trip to Chicago.  OMG, I could drink this stuff with a straw!  So good!!  Thanks, Innz!!!

And I finished the meal with dessert of course! 😆  I saw this somewhere in the blog world world last night, and put it immediately on my grocery list…

After my amazing hot chocolate experience at Jacques Torres Chocolate in NYC, I was really looking forward to giving this baby a try.  I made a tiny espresso cup’s worth with 1/3 cup of skim milk and 3 tablespoons of the chocolate powder.  It was very sweet, thick and indulgent.  It definitely took care of my chocolate craving.  I think this may become a new nightly ritual 😛

I’m off to make some cranberry sauce and watch Californication.

Total calorie count for today: 1530

Oh yeah, today was Day 5 of NMSC 😀 !!!  I’m doing awesome!

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15 comments to Namaste

  • Great job on the challenge!
    And wow, delicious eats – I haven’t actually tried a Kind bar before.

  • K

    That salad = YUM! The only Kind bar I’ve tried is the walnut and date one – it’s never disappointed me before, sorry to hear about that one!

    Congrats, almost one week :)

  • i have the same problem with yoga! it’s so hard to find the right balance of food to keep you energized and fueled through the practice but not having something sitting heavy in your stomach. I’ve found that an ezekial english muffin with peanut butter works really well for me.

    that salad looks divine!

  • inna

    omg that salad = you should move back to nyc open a salad/sandwich shop + feed me everyday for lunch. what are you doing to me?
    glad you liked the balsamic :D. try mixing it with that olive oil it’s even better as a combo if you can believe it

  • Elina

    Sarah, thanks for the suggestion!

    Haha, Innz, you can make your own too (no cooking required here, just some assemblying). Yeah, I’m definitely going to mix it with the olive oil next time. I was just trying to save a few calories this time around but next time, I will try it for sure!

  • wow yoga sounds great, I really need to find a place and start going.

    Big big fan of sweet potato chips!!

  • Kim

    That salad looks unbelievably delicious! Wow!

    Congrats on making it 5 days!

    Tea is always my first option for when I get hungry! I find that most of the time it totally works. I wish we had a tea place like you mentioned around here!

  • That Salad looks AMAZING!

  • I’ve never had a Kind bar. Your salad looks awesome!

  • That salad looks fabulous! I must try that freaky wheat haha! LOVE the cereal medley…I swear I just can’t have 1 type of cereal in my bowl anymore. Where do you take the hot yoga class? I’ve been dying to try one out.

  • What a great day of being “kind” to yourself :) I haven’t tried those bars yet but they are on my ever-growing list since returning to the US. Can’t wait. Thanks for the flavor suggestion! Great job walking everywhere–I think little things like that really add up and make a big difference!

  • Elina

    Bridget, I do hot vinyasa at Baptiste Power Yoga Institute in Brookline… I think they also have a location in Sommerville. That place is really great and I think the first session is free, so you can check it out and see if you like it, without paying for a membership. Let me know how you like it! 😀

    Lara, you should definitely try KIND bars… I think my favorite so far is the apricot & almond yogurt (not sure of the exact name) and the walnut & date bar (if you like dates that is). Yum!

  • I love tealuxe, too!!!!

    I’ve never h ad a KIND bar at all.

    Yeah for yoga!!!!

  • Gorgeous food + hell yes for yoga + congratulations on it being Day 5 of NMSC!!!

  • […] and basil infused olive oil EVER (from Old Town Oil in Chicago)!!  I tried the strawberry balsamic here and raved about it the first time, but today I actually added fresh strawberries to the salad which […]


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