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Lots of eats and a night out

December 13th, 2008 · 4 Comments · Boston, breakfast, December No Mindless Munching Streaking Challenge, dessert, Holiday bootie buster challenge, restaurant reviews, snacks, soups

Yesterday was such a great day! ¬†It definitely involved a lot of eating (and drinking) but that’s what made it fun ūüėõ


My work was having a pancake breakfast party at 9:30 am, but there is no way I could wait until then to eat. ¬†So I started the morning with 1/2 bagel with some cream cheese and a “work coffee.” ¬†It was hard not to go back for the second half but I knew I needed to save room for the official breakfast.

And for the pancake breakfast of course I had to have some pancakes ūüėÄ ¬†I got 1 banana and 1 chocolate chips, plus a bunch of fruit. ¬†They went all out for this… there was sausage and bacon, mini muffins and all sorts of other goodies. ¬†I tried to behave somewhat and had “only” this plate (still a million calories right there, I’m sure) and instead of having seconds of the pancakes topped with butter, maple syrup and whipped cream I just had another handful of the grapes (not pictured).

Free food like that is hard to resist, and seriously when everyone else was going back for more I had to really fight the urge to do the same. ¬†I knew this was plenty of food though (especially since I already had 1/2 bagel beforehand) so I kept my NMSC in mind and didn’t eat more just because I could. ¬†Honestly, even this plate of food was sitting like a rock in my stomach for a few hours. ¬†No sweat, I felt much better after an awesome workout :)


I took a 15 minute abs class at the gym followed by a 45 minute boot camp class. ¬†While waiting for the instructor to start the classes I did a few quick jump rope intervals. ¬†For a little extra something I also did 15 minutes on the elliptical. ¬†The gym was still super hot… do you burn more calories when you work out in the heat? ¬†Not sure about this, but all I know is that I was a sweaty mess once again, which at least made me feel like I had an extra hard workout!

Total HBBC points for the day: 4.5, running total: 20.45


Lunch was a bunch of leftovers, cleverly (if I say so myself) combined to create a perfect low calorie meal. ¬†In the morning I chopped up some leftover cured ham that I bought for the quiche from a few days ago, I also had some chopped up broccoli from the same quiche dinner. ¬†Those came in a little baggie to work with me. ¬†At work I had some leftover Pacific Natural Foods cashew carrot ginger soup (1 cup’s worth) and a carrot (which I also chopped up before steaming in the microwave). ¬†Veggies were microwaved with a tiny bit of water for a minute, then ham and soup were added and microwaved for another minute and a half, and voila… yummy lunch :)

The Pacific Natural Foods cashew carrot ginger soup was pretty intense on its own, but with all these veggies and meat it was absolutely perfect. ¬†I haven’t found a Pacific Natural Foods’ soup that I didn’t like! ¬†Their stuff is really great!!

And for dessert I had the tiny brownie I snagged from a meeting the day before. ¬†I was so proud of myself for not eating it right away! ¬†It waited for the perfect moment and I really REALLY enjoyed it. ¬†I know in my previous post I said that a seven layer bar may be giving brownies a run for their money, but after eating this baby I may be taking it back ūüėõ ¬†This was just so good! ¬†Ok, maybe there is a place in my heart for both of these treats ūüėÄ


Around 4:30 I was hungry again… I think my metabolism is crazy these days (I’m surprisingly not gaining weight). ¬†I had the rest of my bagel with 1/2 of Barney Butter packet, some strawberry jelly¬†and 1/2 banana. ¬†Yum!!!!


The snack above once again really stuck to my ribs… it almost¬†sabotaged¬†our dinner plans. ¬†Not good! ¬†Thankfully right before we were about to cancel our reservation (which my husband was not happy about), my stomach started growling and let me know it was ready for another meal again. ¬†We were both happy! ¬†Who wants to sit at home on a Friday night? ¬†Not me! ūüėÄ

Our dinner reservations were at¬†Gaslight. ¬†My husband had a rough work week and was really looking forward to going out for a nice meal and a few delicious drinks :) ¬†Gaslight¬†received great reviews across the board and we had high expectations for the place. ¬†I’m happy to report we were not¬†disappointed! ¬†We got there a little after 7:30 and the place was packed! ¬†We waited for a few minutes until being seated. ¬†Our table was honestly in the worst location (my husband was sitting literally in the aisle) but we quickly forgot about it. ¬†We started with a few cocktails… mine was Gaslight’s signature drink called Fleur De Lis made with¬†Parfait Amour Violet Liqueur, gin,¬†Mathilde Peach, white grape juice and a champagne float. ¬†Here I am with my first beverage… ¬†This thing was strong!!

For an appetizer my husband ordered the french onion soup (eww!!!!) and I went with the shaved beet root salade with with toasted walnuts, watercress, red onion, dijon, and creme fraiche (no onions for me of course).

This was quite yummy. ¬†I love mustard but I’ve never had it with beets, a very unique combo in my opinion. ¬†The walnut pieces were like a special treat… I definitely dug them all out right away ūüėõ ¬†I only tasted the creme fraiche but this was so flavorful it really didn’t need it.

Oh when we got the food the waitress also brought a bag with a baguette fresh out of the oven.  I loved the presentation Рmade me feel like I was back in Paris :)

I had a hunk of it (no butter for this girl):

I was really in a fish mood, so I went with the Saut√©ed skate with haricots verts and caper beurre noisette. ¬†Here is when a menu in French, as fancy as that is, was inconvenient. ¬†For some reason I was expecting a grilled piece of fish (ok, I guess it said sauteed but it tasted kind of fried) with root vegetables and capers. ¬†As you can see below I got some potatoes and green beans… and there were no capers in sight. ¬†There was, however, plenty of butter! ¬†So.much.butter! ¬†It tasted delicious but I thought I was getting something a lot fresher (and healthier). ¬†Oh well. ¬†I tried to not dip in the butter sauce but I did end up eating everything on the plate (except for 2 bites of the fish I gave to my husband). ¬†I guess I liked it ūüėÄ

We also got 1/2 carafe of wine. ¬†Here are all of my beverages.. martini, wine and water. ¬†My husband helped me out with the alcoholic ones. ¬†I’ve become a very slow drinker (which I’m definitely happy about!).

And of course I had to have dessert! ¬†I wanted to order the molten chocolate cake, but the waitress was very excited about the¬†Chocolate beignets¬†with Creme Anglais.¬†¬†I decided to go with something different, especially since she mentioned there was chocolate ganache inside those babies. ¬†Ok, it didn’t take much convincing on her part ūüėÜ

Here are the baby beignets (there were 5 of them in a serving):

These things were basically cocoa colored fried dough balls with chocolate ganache inside… and the creme anglais tasted like melted down vanilla ice cream. ¬†I am not a big fan of fried food so these were pretty yummy but not my style. ¬†I appreciated the idea of them, though. ¬†I had 2 out of 5 (my husband happily had the rest – he loves fried food!).

All in all, this was a lot of fun and we’ll definitely be back! ¬†Great place!

After dinner we headed to a bar at Rocca next door. ¬†I’ll feature my drink in a separate post! ¬†What a fun night!!!!

Oh, I am proud to say there was no mindless snacking at all. ¬†I passed up on trail mix popcorn hanging around the office (and of course second/third helpings of the pancakes and other munchies)… and despite being a little tipsy when I got home, I did not hit up the container with chocolate covered edamame. ¬†This is day 3 of my NMSC streak :)

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  • #1 - K

    That is one mighty fine looking pancake!

    Congrats on your NMSC :) You’re doing great!

  • #2 - Sharon

    Great job thus far with your challenge. You’re doing great.
    And mmm, delicious eats. Those pancakes looks great. And so does that delicious brownie!

  • #3 - Katie

    We love the Gaslight – glad you guys had a good meal! And glad you’re giving Mike’s classes on Friday another shot – I almost joined you there last week but was still sore from his Wednesday class!

  • #4 - Elina

    Yeah, Katie, I was kind of bored at the beginning (I still think he does too many reps of one thing) but by the end he mixed it up a bit and it was a good workout. I think I’m going to go to his classes as the last resort (if I really don’t feel like motivating myself that day) although if you ever go, let me know… it should make it more fun! :) I need to email you about something else…