Last minute xmas shopping and some food in between

Thank you all for your comments yesterday.  I guess my blogging is still a “work in progress” and hopefully I’ll be able to get to the right balance.  Today’s post is easy because it’s only for 1 day :)


We were out of eggs and bananas, so I had to get creative.  Here is a little combo I threw together.  It was fun to eat a bunch of different things!

That’s part skim ricotta with dried figs, 1/2 Food for Life english muffin with fruit spread and chunky peanut butter and a large mug of coffee.  Yum!

I <3 ricotta!!!


We were going to the mall to buy some last minute xmas gifts so I made a sammy to go (so glad I did because the mall was crazy busy and the food selections were definitely limited).

3 oz of turkey, 1 oz of Land ‘o Lakes white american cheese, pickles, dijon mustard on a ww pita.  I took the picture on a plate but then put it in a baggie for the ride to the mall.  It looks messy here but was actually very easy to eat on the go.


I took a little fun treat with me to the mall, knowing my sweet tooth will inevitably kick in.  I picked this baby up at Pret when I was in NY on Thursday.

Portion control is key with such a lovely treat, so I immediately cut it in half and only took 1/2 with me in a little snack baggie.  Thank god, because there is no way I could stop myself from eating the whole thing… this was AMAZING!!!  I am in love with the love bar 😀

We were shopping until 8pm, so I had to buy an emergency bar to keep myself from chewing my arm off.  I saw this Kashi Go Lean Crunchy Chocolate Peanut bar in the grocery store.  I’ve been wanting to try it for a while (after reading some positive reviews of it in the blog world) so this was my chance.


Here it is on the inside:

I really liked it!  It was definitely on the hard side but the flavors were great!  I was also not hungry for a while after eating this. In fact I made dinner just because it was getting really late and we wanted to watch a movie.  I’d buy this bar again!


Dinner was on the small side because I ate the above mentioned Kashi bar only an hour before maybe.  I made a fun salad with mixed greens, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, last of the homemade hummus (gotta make more!) and a falafel patty.  I used just some lemon juice for a dressing but next time I’d add some goddess dressing to this.  It would take the salad to the next level, for sure. 😆 

And while watching The Dark Knight (which was awesome!) I roasted some chestnuts.  Here is my first plate of four… yeah I went back for another 4 or 5, one at a time.  They were soo sweet and delicious.  I love roasted chestnuts!

Oh and I had a 5oz glass of some Temporillo.  I wanted more but I’m trying to get back to healthier eating so I stopped at just one glass :)

Total calories for the day: 1692 (the extra chestnuts put me over the edge, but it’s ok, it’s still way better than I’ve been eating all week).

No exercise either – shopping took forever!

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