I figured it out!!!

So I was tossing and turning last night when I was trying to fall asleep.  I just couldn’t figure out how to prevent “these types of days” from happening.  After a while I fell asleep and this morning I was ready to have a better day, but I was still upset about my silly snacking preventing me from reaching my weight loss goals.  Well, on my way to work (I walked there for the first time in a while and it was really nice to just have “me time” with no distractions), I got it!  I figured it out!!!  I do really well with streaking challenges, but the ones I’ve done in the past despite being very “effective,” were kind of restrictive so I ended up bingeing at some point and erasing all of my hard work.  So this time, I am starting a new streaking challenge that is exactly what I need: “No Mindless Snacking” Streaking Challenge.  The rules are simple, I began this today and successfully avoided all mindless eating.  So today counts as Day 1.  I’ll keep the countdown going – if I break it I have to start at day 1.  These types of mind games usually work for me… it’s just taking one extra step of thinking twice about what I’m about to do (or not do) and brings out the competitive side of me :)  It also means that as long as I am aware of what I’m doing, I get to have little indulges.  Today this challenge came in handy twice (I avoided unnecessary temptation for no reason and enjoyed a nice little treat without feeling guility about it!).  Perfect!

I’ll start fresh every month as to not have too much pressure on myself.  Sounds good?  Anyone wants to join me?  There are no prizes here, but your body may thank you for it!

Now let’s get on with food and fitness…


I absolutely love yogurt combos, but I may have been overdoing on them lately and I don’t want to bore you guys to death with the same old food.  So, I made another classic: 2 toasted waffles with 1/2 banana and 1T of nut butter.  I typically use a Barney Butter packet for this delicious breakfast “sandwich” but since I was home this morning, I figured I shouldn’t waste a portable packet and measured out a tablespoon ofpeanut butter instead.   Well it’s official bloggies, I am addicted to Barney Butter!!!  When I first tried it, I thought it was just ok, but liked how portable the little packets were so I stocked up.  I’ve been eating them for months (and enjoying them very much) but I never realized just how attached I got to this lovely goodness.  The peanut butter just wasn’t as good today.  I totally missed my BB!!!  I guess that means I need to order up some jars 😛

Midway through eating, I added some cherry preserve to it to add a little more sweetness.  That made it more delicious!  And I also had a very large mug of chocolate coffee with skim milk and agave nectar.  Yum!


I was itching to burn some calories since I never made it to the gym last night.  I am so used to working out that after an unplanned day off, I cannot wait to get back to it!  I’m so glad that I really love exercising!!!  At the gym, I took an abs class, a Group Power class (some serious lifting to the beat of the music!) + ran 1.5 miles (and a cool down 0.1 mile walk).  I was actually planning on running for 3 miles but the gym was ridiculously hot (it was 60* out today and I think they were heating it like it was in the teens).  I was dripping sweat and thought I was going to pass out so I stopped half-way.  I hate when random things like that happen!  Anyways, I still got a few points towards HBBC!  So let’s see how I did today…

– walk to work = 1.3 miles = 1.3 points

– 15 minutes abs = 0.5 points

– 30 minutes lifting = 2 points

– 1.6 miles run + walk = 1.6 points 

Total for today: 5.4, Running total: 10.7


I am seriously not hungry today.  I had my breakfast a little before 8am and finally made lunch at 3pm.  I wasn’t even very hungry then, but figured it was time to eat.  I guess I was using my stored energy…

For lunch I used some leftovers: last Arnold’s sandwich thin with 1/2 can of sardines and a laughing cow wedge + a spinach/grape tomato/cucumber salad with 1T Annie’s goddess dressing.  It

was quite nice.

And the best part… dessert!  My co-worker brought some 7-layer bars that his girlfriend, Katie (also my new friend and blog reader) made for his birthday last night.  She warned me they were coming so I saved some room for them today.  I absolutely love 7-layer bars – how can you not, it has all the best goodies all in one bar! 😛  Here is the little guy.  It was super sweet and intense so I left a few tiny bites, just to be good.  I enjoyed this a lot!!!!


Again, no snacking in between meals today.  I made dinner because my husband was hungry but I could have just gone without.  I made the Crustless Ham, Veggie & Cheese Quiche using this recipe from Anna of Cookie Madness.  Anna very rarely posts recipes that are not dessert, so I knew this was going to be a good one!  My husband was so excited about it, he was practically giddy 😛

I doubled Anna’s recipe because it was very low calorie (and I already had a serving size mishap this week!) + I wanted leftovers.  I used a little bit more ham  than Anna (around 5oz for the doubled recipe) and of course I didn’t add onions, but otherwise I didn’t get creative here and just followed the recipe.  Here are a few pics of the process…

All the veggies and ham layered in the pan:

Egg & cheese mixture:

Combine the 2:

Add the other half of cheese after baking for about 35-38 minutes…

And here it is all ready 😀

And my portion (only 1/6 of the recipe because I really wasn’t hungry):

I thought this was pretty good, but my husband looooved it!!!!  He ate 1/4 of the pan, then went back for more!  I would add more ham between the potato and veggie layer because I felt like the ham was just a little bit on the top and it was the best part.  I think next time I’ll also add some tomatoes and/or mushrooms.  My husband will definitely be requesting this again, so we’ll see if I can get a little more adventurous next time and add my own spin to it 😀


I had a little bit of time on my hands tonight so I made some hummus.  I used this very simple (and healthy) recipe (*notice there is no olive oil involved here*).  It came out absolutely perfect and even my husband (who would never think about eating hummus) tried it and then got a few more crackers to sample the goods.  I only had a few licks of the spoon to make sure it tasted ok.  It was really really good and took about 5 minutes to make and made a huge batch.  I really prefer this to store-bought hummus and it’s so much cheaper!  Here is the whole batch (I sprinkles it with some more paprika just to make it pretty 😀 )

And that’s that for today!  I’m off to relax a little before bed time.  See you tomorrow!

Oh, total calories for the day: 1073 (I know it’s super low but I seriously cannot eat today; I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be back to normal :) )

*Edited to add* I just had a gala apple.  Yum!

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