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December 3rd, 2008 · 8 Comments · rice, snacks, tofu, yogurt

I am in such a great mood tonight and I have the evil spinning instructor to thank for it!  When I say evil, I mean he seriously kicks my butté!  I thought I was going to throw up during the class but now I feel like a million bucks!  Yay for exercise!!!  I also managed to eat very healthy despite the fact that we still haven’t gone grocery shopping for the week.  Our options are getting a little slim, but with a little creativity… so so far so good :)


More of those juicy strawberries made an appearance in my breakfast yogurt parfait.  Since I overdid it with the chocolate yesterday I decided to make my own trail mix since I have all sorts of nuts and dried fruit in the house (my pre-mixed trailmix has chocolate chunks in it).  So today’s beautiful and super delicious bowl had a little over 1 cup of yogurt (last of the container), 5 large strawberries, some raisins, hazelnuts, almonds, pecans, dried apricots and Erin Baker’s double chocolate granola.  Ok, I guess I did have some chocolate with breakfast after all but this granola isn’t too chocolatey or too sweet.  This was excellent!


I was hoping to squeeze in a workout during lunch so I had one of Ellie Krieger’s energy bars with some tea as a snack around 11 am.  Those bars are so good!  There seems to be no picture online with the recipe, but I actually own her cookbook and there is a picture there.  The one in the book is a lot chunkier than mine, which I think would be quite nice… I got a little carried away with my food processor 😳  But, the taste is still absolutely amazing and I will definitely be making these bars again after I finish them up.  I think I have 3 or 4 left in my freezer…

Anyways, around noon (when it was time to hit the gym) I was really on a roll with work, so I decided to keep going and postpone my workout to after work.  This was a risky move for sure, but sometimes when you’re on a roll, you just gotta keep rolling 😀


My breakfast and lunch (and maybe the fact that I was really into my work and thus not really thinking about food) kept me full for a long time.  I finally stopped for lunch maybe around 2:30?

Lunch was a whole lot of random goodies: leftover lentil soup (3 ladles worth), Arnold’s sandwich thin with 1 thin slice of American cheese and a juicy plum.  It was very satisfying despite being pretty low in calories!



This time it was a real pre-workout snack.  I brought some grape tomatoes, but as usual got a chocolate craving.  So I chose to listen to my craving and grabbed a chocolate chip zbar out of my office drawer (there is always an endless supply of healthy snacks in there :) )  With some more tea…


After canceling my reservation for the lunch time spinning class, I immediately tried to sign up for the 5:45 spot.  Well, that class was well booked!  This guy is awesome (and super tough) and recently with the holiday season upon us, his classes get totally booked up!!!  I watched the reservation line all day, and finally was able to get a spot when someone cancelled.  Phew!  I got the last spot because there were definitely people that were denied access.  The class seriously killed me today.  I felt so out of shape and seriously thought I was going to throw up at some point, but a shower and some beautifying (hair straightening and make-up) made me feel all new and shiny 😀


Dinner was just a bunch of stuff we had in the house.  I used a package of shelf-stabilized firm tofu and used this recipe from Joanna of A Cup of Jo for the sauce.  Since it was Asian and we had some leftover brown rice in the fridge, I thought of making a stir-fry with veggies we had in the freezer.  So I defrosted some frozen broccoli, water chestnuts and mixed peppers in the wok sprayed with EVOO Pam, then added the tofu with the sauce and a few minutes later the cooked brown rice.  All of this was stir-fried together, and then I added an egg that I tossed with the rest of it.  The tofu got broken up but it was super delicious!  Sorry the picture isn’t very appetizing but trust me, it was awesome!

And now I’m stuffed.  Honestly I shouldn’t have eaten the whole bowl, but I was already kind of low on calories for the day.  I didn’t want to wake up famished tomorrow…

Total caloric intake: 1413

Oh, I almost forgot, go to HangryPants’ blog and leave a comment.  Every comment will add 5 cents towards food for the Rhode Island Food Donation Bank.  Very cool!

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