Early Christmas

Yesterday was such a great day!  Let’s start with the fact that it was Friday, which is always awesome because well, the weekend is right around the corner.  Then, I had a surprise phone call (details below) that made me realize this was going to be a really great day… and to end it all, we had our unofficial Christmas work party last night.  It was so much fun!!!!  Let’s start from the beginning…


I love love love ricotta cheese so I had to repeat my breakfast from a few days ago: 1/2 cup part-skim ricotta cheese, dried figs and pecans.  I guess I changed it up with my nut selection… I know, radical 😛


During my shopping spree on Thursday I stopped by Sephora because they had a raffle to win a gift basket full of cosmetics.  I was a good customer and even purchased a few things :)  Well, I’m sure you know where this is going… I got a call around 11:30 am and on my caller ID it said “Sephora,” and what do you know… I WON!!!!  This never happens to me.  I was so excited!!!  This instantly put me in a great mood, so I decided to hit the gym to channel some of that excitement into an excellent workout.  So responsible 😀

Here is the gift basket, btw.  I picked it up after the gym… so cool!!!!  Like an early Christmas present :)

 Oh before hitting the gym, I had a juicy gala apple.


I took an abs + bootcamp class at the gym.  It was about 55 minutes altogether… not a bad way to burn a few calories before a massive food and drink fest!  I was a little bored (this instructor is not my favorite), but I was happy I went :)


When I got back to my desk I hit up some leftover pork bulgogi from last night with some rice…


This was a pretty small portion so I had a large dessert to complete the meal 😛

Self-explanatory, right?  Here is what it looks like on the inside:

It was pretty good, but I liked the Mountain Mix Mojo bar I had previously.  I was hoping it would be more chocolatey… and my complain is a little funny given the name of the bar, but it was too peanuty tasting. I think peanuts are the least exciting nut (an almond, pecan, hazelnut or a cashew is way more superior in my opinion) despite the fact that I have a small obsession with peanut butter (that’s different!).  So yeah, I prefer the Mountain Mix Mojo.

I just remembered, I also had 2 more chocolate chip cookies that my co-worker brought again (Katie, you are trouble!).  No picture, sorry, please refer to my previous post for visuals 😀

And then a few hours later my co-workers got a few pizzas in preparation for tonight’s drinking.  I wasn’t hungry but after checking the bar’s reviews I realized that my only dinner option will be vending machine fair so I gobbled up 2 sliced of cheese.  They were quite yummy :)

x 2


So our yearly Holiday Party at work was cancelled but that didn’t stop us from going out and celebrating the holidays!  We picked the cheapest dive bar around and themed the early Christmas party “Party like it’s 1929!”  Clever, I know… it was really fun!  The place of choice was the Beacon Hill Pub in Boston.  It’s known for $1.50 beers, sticky floors and plastic pub glasses.  Yeah, I was not that excited about it but figured I was with friends so it was all good!  And it was… it was SO MUCH FUN!  I definitely did not hold back.  My drink of choice was Magners Hard Cider.  Total tally for the night – 6.5 of these babies.  Yikes! 😮

Here are some fun pics of me and my husband.  There were so many other funny pictures but I didn’t ask for permission to post them so I’m going to spare the rest of the group from embarrassment.  It was a blast!  Of course drinking beer (or cider in my case) like it was water helped :)

Pretty hot, huh?  That tree headband lit up too!  Yeah, good times 😀

Oh and just for kicks, here is the picture of some of my other co-workers “dinner.”  They hit up the vending machine hard. 😆

Oh and I just found this picture.  Totally forgot this happened!… at some point someone ordered shots for everyone (SoCo and lime, I believe).  I had a shot of course!

You can probably tell what kind of night this was from these pics.  We really didn’t hold back :mrgreen:


To end the night of course we went out for more food.  I honestly didn’t need it but I was also not in the clearest states of mind if you know what I mean.  We left the bar after midnight so most food places were closed (Boston is lame sometimes).  We took a cab home and saw an open Uno’s (walking distance from our apartment) so we decided to get some food there.  I realize now that this was my second pizza of the day (totally didn’t dawn on me to order something else) but oh well.  I love Uno’s pizza but this one was definitely made in the microwave.  I suspect they already closed the kitchen when we got there so they used a pre-made dough crust and slapped the toppings on it.  It usually comes in a little skillet but this time was served on a plate (another reason I think this was microwaved… the skillet is iron so it can’t be microwaved so they probably took the dough out of it and zapped it!).  It tasted kind of undercooked and hard.  But yeah, I ate it anyway.  Now I think I should have said something but oh well.  I chose to “create my own pizza” and picked mushrooms, broccoli and grilled chicken for toppings.  And you already know how I felt about it…

The check came in a little pizza box too.  That was kind of cute :)

And that’s the recap of yesterday.  Great day!!!

Total calories for the day: gazillion (I counted! 😀 )

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