Christmas tree decorating, auto show and Sunday’s eats

I went to bed late(ish) on Friday and Saturday so this morning waking up was not easy.  I just hate waking up late on Sundays because it throws me off on Monday, but it was worth it I guess since I had a great time with friends both nights.  This morning my husband and I got to decorate our Christmas tree.  But before that I made up some yummy warm breakfast… :)


I haven’t made oatmeal on the stovetop in at least six months (ever since I found out you can make it in the microwave for a fraction of the time and minimal dish washing) but today I wanted to start the morning with a super creamy bowl and we had perfectly ripe bananas.  I made a larger than usual bowl with 1/2 cup of dry oats (typically I use 1/3 c) with 1/2 c skim milk, 1/2 c water and 1/2 banana (double that for 2 people).  This took less than 10 minutes and produced a deliciously creamy bowl 😀  Of course I had to add a little somethin’ somethin’ – my new trailmix I got at Target yesterday.

Here are my oats with about 2/3 serving of Archer Farms Double Chocolate Espresso trail mix.  I also had a large mug of chocolate flavored coffee with skim milk and agave nectar.  Warm and delicious! 

Here is the trail mix bag.  It was really more like candy.  Target had so many different trail mix kinds and I had a hard time picking just 2.  I wanted something with some chocolate in it (since my favorite TJ’s trail mix has chocolate chunks and I can’t get enough of it) so this baby jumped in the cart right away.  With my chocolate obsession the choice was obvious.  The trail mix includes mocha flavored pecans, chocolate covered almonds, hazelnuts, pralines, chocolate chips and chocolate covered coffee beans.  Yeah, I obviously wasn’t thinking “healthy” when I picked this one.  It was yummy but I think I should stick to a larger portion of nuts and less sugared things.  I’ll be happy eating this bag, but I won’t be buying this again.  Let’s see how the other bag I got compares.  TJ’s nutty american trek mix is still my #1! 


After breakfast and Christmas tree decorating (it was so much fun!) we went to an Auto Show.  I brought a Banana Bread Larabar with me and thank goodness I did because I was absolutely starving after a few hours and the food choices there were pretty nasty (read: hot dogs, grilled cheese “waffletinis” – WTF is that?!, greasy pizza, you get the idea…).  I forgot how much I love this kind.  It’s definitely one of my favorites!!


The auto show was pretty fun (more so for my husband but I still had fun) but I could not wait to eat real food!!!!  We headed straight to a bakery for lunch but it was closed :(  I was SO looking forward to getting a nice sandwich or salad and a big old brownie there, but unfortunately I didn’t plan this well enough.  It was 4pm at that point and I could chew my arm off for some fuel.  The only thing I had on me was another larabar and I was not going to eat them back to back, despite the fact that I was starving.  So, we had to change plans and stopped by another bakery (for a sweet treat for me – details in a separate post) and by El Pelon Taqueria for some burritos.  These babies are very caloric but worth every calorie (if eaten as a treat once in a while).  I can’t even remember the last time I had one of El Pelon’s burritos and the second I thought of it, I knew I had to have it.  It was probably 5pm by the time we got there and that meant it was going to constitute lunch and dinner (=linner).  If you count it for 2 meals, I guess it’s not so bad 😀

I got my favorite: el guapo burrito – grilled steak, mexican rice, black beans, fried plantains (I love plantains!!!), jack cheese, fire roasted salsa, romaine lettuce and crema.  I was starving so probably anything would have tasted amazing at this point, but this was especially good today!  Absolutely amazing!  I’m a little upset that I liked it that much, because that means there will be a lot more of these in my near future (I can literally see the restaurant from my window so the location is hard to beat).  My belly was very happy though 😛

I ate every bite!  Muy deliciouso – El Pelon rocks!!!

And then I had my little bakery treat.  It will be featured in a separate post all dedicated to it (yep, it was that good!).  Still so much to do!  I can’t believe the weekend is almost over :(  Sunday nights are not my favorite, that’s for sure…

Hope your weekend was good!  I had no time to catch up on my blog reading, but hopefully I’ll squeeze in some quality blog-reading time over the next few nights!

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