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Angel delights

December 21st, 2008 · 15 Comments · baking, Eating Well

It’s snowing like crazy in Boston, which means we’re trapped in our apartment.  No worries – I had to make some cookies for our pot luck day at work tomorrow so I got started right after breakfast :)

In the most recent (December 2008) Eating Well addition, the grand prize winning cookies of the cookie swap challenge were the Angel Delights.  The recipe sounded easy enough and I thought would be fun to bring to work with me.  Here are some progress pics and some commentary on the challenges I’ve encountered.

Chopped dates, sugar and butter…

Melting in the pot:

** If you make these (which you should) make sure to melt the butter, dates and sugar really well.  The recipe states to do this until it looks like a paste.  I chopped the dates pretty coarsely so I thought they wouldn’t really melt away and turned off the heat when I thought it looked “pasty enough.”  After reading the reviews online (and the editor’s comment) I realize I probably should have given it another 5 minutes on the stove!**

Combine with vanilla extract, salt, coconut and rice crispies…

It looked to me like there wasn’t enough date/butter mixture to rice crispies ratio.  I was afraid they wouldn’t stick together well, and my fears materialized.  I squeezed these bad boys pretty hard and made about 35 balls until the rest of the mixture seemed just way too dry to stick.  Here are the beauties:

My husband ate one right away and said he understood why this was a winning recipe… and he doesn’t even like coconut!

I tried to salvage the rest of the mixture, added it back into the pan hoping that some of the leftover butter would warm up and make it a little stickier.  I added a little bit of honey too.  No luck!  I think I got another ball out of it, but then pressed the rest into a bread pan and stuck it into the fridge.  There aren’t many dates left there, but I’m hoping somehow they will melt together as they cool.  I just tried to cut a little piece off but it still kind of crumbles.  I ate a few spoonfuls worth 😀  It was yummy!

So yeah, the moral of the story… these are delicious (I’ll update with my co-workers reviews) but make sure you really melt the butter/sugar/dates into a paste!

Hope your Sunday is going well… I have a bit of a sugar rush now :)

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