A little hungover but still healthy

What a busy weekend!  Phew!  It’s Sunday night and I’m definitely not ready for next week.  I think I need a weekend to relax from this weekend 😀

Let’s have a quick recap of Saturday…


Well, Saturday’s breakfast was kind of a hangover breakfast, so I kept it simple but it was still a nice treat.  I hardly ever have bagels these days, because honestly they don’t fill me up very much (and this time it was no different) but it definitely scored highly in the taste department :)

This was a pumpernickel bagel from Bruegger’s Bagels (my husband brought some from work) with whipped cream cheese (I put cream cheese on the other half too).  Yum!


I have to say I was hungry soon after finishing my breakfast.  I fought the urge to go back for more (especially since I was not feeling 100% and wanted to just sit at home all day in my pjs and just eat) but after a few hours I gave in and made a smallish yummy snack: 1/2 banana, 1/2 c nonfat yogurt, a small handful of Barbara’s peanut butter puffins and a little over a teaspoon of Whole Food’s crunchy peanut butter.  Totally hit the spot!


After lounging around the house for hours, my husband and I were finally ready to go Christmas tree and ornament shopping!  This is our first tree together and we were both really excited about it.  Before hitting the mall I made myself a turkey sandwich on Arnold’s double fiber bread (last 2 end pieces were used) with light laughing cow cheese, cucumber slices, pickles, dijon mustard and grape tomatoes.  It was filling and delicious and I was happy to continue my healthy streak despite totally feeling like blowing off my “diet” instead.

To finish the meal off on a sweet note I grabbed the 100 calorie dark chocolate bar and ran out the door (I ate half and saved the rest for when my sweet tooth kicked in at the mall – good move!).


Shopping took so long!  It was fun and stressful at the same time.  Getting the tree was actually quite easy, but shopping for the lights and ornaments proved to be quite the project.  We first went to Target which was packed with people and half-empty shelves.  We bought a few things (including some yummy new trailmixes for me!) and moved on to Crate & Barrel and a few other shops.  Because we started kind of late, we weren’t done until past 8pm, which meant there was no time for cooking dinner (we were starving) but that’s ok… we headed to a fabulous sushi restaurant in Brookline, Gari.  It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely love sushi.  In fact, I think I could have sushi almost every day and enjoy it, but somehow when I crave it my husband is not in the mood.  When he mentioned sushi last night – I instantly got excited.  Who wants to cook dinner when sushi is on the table?! 😉

We’ve never been to Gari but heard good things about it.  We decided to take advantage of already being in the car and drove to the restaurant straight from the mall.  The place is small (maybe 10 tables tops) but it’s very modern, clean and absolutely beautiful.  I was instantly impressed when we walked in the door and was more and more pleased with every minute we were there.  Here is a picture of my husband for a little peak of the decor.  I didn’t want to be too obvious :)


It was freezing cold outside so I started with some green tea.  It was the best!

I ordered the organic salad for my appetizer (mixed greens, grape tomatoes, avocado and oyster mushrooms tossed in a house ginger dressing).  There were also 2 little crackers on top… not sure what they were (maybe sesame seed crackers?) but they were quite yummy.  This was a fantastic salad!


My husband ordered the fried gyoza.  He loved it so much he forgot to ask me if I wanted to try it 😮  Here is a picture of it, just because the presentation was so beautiful I just had to take a picture!

Gari has a pretty nice menu with different japanese/modern American dishes, but of course I had to order sushi.  This is why I came there and I honestly didn’t even read the rest of the menu.  I wanted sushi!

I ordered the Tropical King Salmon Maki from the Chef’s special rolls.  It sounded super unique – I just had to try it.  I believe it had crab, avocado and orange slices inside, topped with salmon and some kind of (green) fish roe, finished in a spicy mango sauce.  It was absolutely spectacular!  Super complex and delicious – sweet and spicy, just absolutely to-die for.  I couldn’t get over how much I loved it.  Seriously it was amazing!  I also ordered Unagi with avocado maki.  This was a safe bet and I was craving it.  It didn’t dissapoint, of course.  The unagi (eel) was super fresh and just melt-in-your mouth delicious.  Yum!!

Close-up of the tropical maki (you probably know what the unagi maki usually looks like):

I also tried my husband’s spicy tuna maki and it was perfect too.  It had little crunchies in it – I love it when they put those in the tuna maki!  I absolutely loved this meal (heh, like this wasn’t obvious already!) so we’ll definitely be back!

And then we headed to the Big City in Allston to meet up with some friends (Big City is owned by the same people as Sunset Grill – both are great places but Sunset usually has a longer wait because of a larger food menu and beer menu).  I had enough to drink the night before so I stuck with diet coke (just to keep my hands and mouth busy).  Around midnight I got super hungry, so instead of ordering bar food I dug into my purse and pulled out a Walnut & Date KIND bar.  I love this kind a lot!  Sorry there isn’t a picture – I didn’t want to start taking pictures of my food in front of everyone and I thought I had an old picture from last time I had it.  Anyways, I highly recommend it! 😀

I was actually starving by the time we got home.  I try to remind myself at times like these when I want to eat right before bed that I won’t miss the food in my sleep, but I was actually hungry enough that I was afraid it was going to prevent me from falling asleep.  So I had a delicious apple.. perfect!

And then I crashed 😀

I didn’t count calories but I think I did pretty well.  I’ll start a new post with Sunday’s eats…

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4 comments to A little hungover but still healthy

  • That bagel looks so good!

    Hum, maybe I should save up some money to come to the states just to visit a TJ’s and a WF!

  • K

    Pump bagel….I’m drooling over here! Glad to hear you had a great time with friends!!

  • Ok, first of all, that salmon roll would be exactly what I would order, too!
    But rewinding: I can relate to your hangover breakfast. I think I always do more damage the day after drinking than I do the night before! But you did a GREAT job with getting “back on track” quickly. Most people would have gone for lunch at the mall. So props to you 😉
    Glad you had a great weekend and have your tree!!

  • Elina

    Sharon, you should definitely come to the States to visit, but there are probably some nice “health stores” in Canada too! :)

    Lara, thanks – you’re sweet!


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