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Workout dvd, Korean food + Our House

November 24th, 2008 · 3 Comments · restaurant reviews, Uncategorized

Last night I tried something for the first time: a workout dvd.  I heard good reviews of the Biggest Loser Cardio Max dvd, so I got a copy through Netflix and decided to give it a go last night.  I liked not caring how I look.  Having spent a whole day at home I was looking pretty rough :)  So I threw on some sweats, popped the dvd into our xbox 360 (a.k.a our dvd player) and got to work!

Here is what I thought… I know I looked very silly jumping all over the living room, but there were definitely a few times when I wanted the segment to be over (read: I was kind of dying, huffing and puffing) so I knew I was getting a good workout.  I also really liked being able to have a decent workout without leaving my apartment and without any equipment… and because I am writing this a day later, I can tell you that I am pretty sore today so it did work!  However, this morning I returned the dvd.  I just couldn’t get over the silly feeling and I was not looking forward to to doing this again.  I think I wanted something so intense that I would forget about my surroundings but this dvd wasn’t it (btw, I did the whole dvd – the warm-up, all 3 levels of cardio + cooldown yoga).  I’m going to keep searching for that perfect go-to dvd that I can use over and over.  Do you own a workout dvd that you absolutely love?


By the time I was done with my little workout we were running kind of late for the party.  We decided to get to the area where the bar was and just find a restaurant where we could have a quick bite of something that looked good.  I definitely have been a little more lenient lately with my food choices and calorie counting.  I think the fact that work is so busy makes me appreciate my time off work more and I don’t want to worry about my weight during that time.  Hopefully this won’t catch up with me.  I’m still doing ok, I think :)

So, we wound up at Buk Kyung II in Allston.  Allston has so many Korean restaurants and last night Korean sounded like a good idea.  It was sooo good!  The reviews online seem to be mixed but both my husband and I absolutely loved our food.  It seemed very authentic (based on the clientelle and the fact that the menu was first in Korean and then in English) and there were many things on the menu that sounded great so I would not hesitate to go back and try something else next time.  I wanted to get something relatively healthy so my requirements were “not fried”, “no noodles in sugary sauce,” and “no beef” (the last one because I had beef taco salad for lunch and a beef burger a few days ago, so that’s too much beef in one week despite the fact that it was 93% lean).  I got one of the house specialities the name of which I don’t remember, but it was pan seared tofu with vegetables in a spicy sauce.  Here is the whole dish – it was a lot of food!

This was my bowl at first, but I kept on picking at the big plate after I polished that off so I probably had a little over half of the whole thing (really not sure because it still looked like I could make another 2 meals out of it) + about 1/2 cup of white rice.

My husband got the spicy pork bulgogi, which I had a few bites of and it was really incredible.  We will be back!

Oh and just for fun, they served us these little “apps” but I only had a bite of the thing on the bottom left… I have seriously no clue what it was.  Some kind of pickled veggie I assume… maybe a parsnip?  I’m not a fan of kimchi and the other two things had onions in the dish, so that’s all I had of that.

Onto drinks… we went to a place called Our House in Allston.  This bar is a converted townhouse, so it’s full of comfy couches and pool and foosball tables in different “rooms.”  Pretty nice vibe there!  I had a little less than 3 Magners hard ciders.  I really love Magners – all hard ciders really but Magners is the lowest calorie one.  It is only 125 calories but tastes so sweet and much more sinfull than what’s suggested by it’s calorie content.  It also looks like a beer so it’s always socially acceptable at any bar (you know, sometimes you don’t want to have a super fancy drink or a glass of wine at a dive bar – not that this was one, but I’m just saying if you were to end up at one, you can still order hard cider 😀 ).  My husband took a picture of me with one of these babies, but I looked a little special, so I’ll spare you! :)  And that’s that!  I wanted chocolate when I came home but decided that I wouldn’s miss it in my sleep so I went to bed.  It was such a fun night catching up with friends and drinking.  I love the weekends!!!

Thank you all for your nice comments on my blog.  Please let me know if anything doesn’t work properly or can be improved on. I’ll start a new post about today.  It was another great weekend day :)

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