I’ve been tagged! 7 things about me…

I’ve been tagged by the beautiful Kelly from The Pink Apron, so here are the rules (I’m sure you all know about these by now, but I’ll still post them to comply :D):

1) Share 7 things about yourself;
2) Include link to the blogger that tagged you;
3) Tag another 7 bloggers and leave message for them so they know they’ve been tagged.

Sounds like fun!

Since I’m a brand new blogger, there are many basic things you don’t know about me. So here are some basics:

1) I was born in Moldova (yes it’s a real country!), went to middle school in Israel and moved to the States when I was a sophomore in High School. I speak Russian, Hebrew and English.
2) I got married on July 5, 2008 😀 I met my husband, Adam, our freshman year at UMass Amherst. We were friends all through college but started dating a year after graduating.
3) I hate onions with a passion!!!! See how this comment is in the basics section? It’s seriously in the top 5 things to know about me :)

And a few other random facts about me…

4) I cry when I laugh. I tear up when the jokes aren’t even that funny, which is quite embarrassing sometimes 😀
5) I don’t know much about music. My favorite music is music I can get pumped about at the gym.
6) I don’t know how to ride a bike. We moved a bunch when I was little, so I never learned.
7) I get super excited when I get comments on my blog. It must be a new blogger thing but I feel like the cool kid in school :)

Ok, hopefully that wasn’t too boring. It’s actually hard to think of 7 things that people may want to know.

So now is another hard part… picking another 7 bloggers. I feel like so many bloggers have been tagged recently, so I’m going to try to find some that either have never been tagged (as far as I know) or at least haven’t been tagged in a while :)

These ladies are all wonderful bloggers and continue to inspire me in their own ways. Without further adieu, I tag the following…

1) Heidi from 101 Cookbooks
2) Amanda from Run to Finish
3) Lara from Thinspired
4) Alexia from My Journey
5) Summer and Alicia from Bread & Honey
6) Katie from Good Things Catered
7) B_Hlthy from Body.Mind.Soul

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