I have a new toy!

I got a new laptop!!!!  It’s super exciting, because my old one was a piece of crap (excuse my french).  I was a PC user though so I still feel a little weird using it but I’ll learn, I’m sure 😀

Alright since this is a food and fitness blog, let’s get to food and fitness!


A little after posting about my breakfast I decided to go to the gym for a good and sweaty workout.  It’s been awhile since I was able to fit in an hour + workout and I was quite excited about it!  I chose to do a routine from Jillian Michael’s “Winning by Losing” book with a little bit of elliptical for warmup + cooldown.  It was great!  I definitely look a little crazy busting into mountain climbers and jumping jacks, switching between using the bench and other machines, but the routine works!  There are 5 circuits with 3 exercises each; I did each circuit twice with 5 min ET to start and 10 min to end.  I was a sweaty mess throughout the entire 60+ minutes.  I think that’s a good thing! 😀


We are totally over budget on groceries for the month so I’m trying to stretch whatever we have until December 1.  My husband had Thanksgiving leftovers (which I won’t touch) so I dug into the fridge and the freezer and came up with a delicious mexican inspired meal.  Here is how it happened… we had some black beans and rice left in the fridge, so I figured that would be the “base” for my meal.  I needed protein… shrimp in the freezer, perfect!  I need more veggies… frozen corn and peppers, awesome!  So I sauteed 1/4 cup corn with 1/3 c peppers in the pan sprayed with olive oil PAM, defrosted 6 jumbo shrimp in the sink, added those into the pan, sprinkled everything with some chilli powder and adobo seasoning… then added the black beans and 1/2 cup of brown rice to the pan to warm up and that’s it!  It was quick, easy and delicious :)  I added a bunch of salsa on top for some extra mexican flavor.   And here is my bowl of deliciousness:


A few hours later I got hungry again.  I’ve been recently craving the pb larabar, so that’s what I had… with a nice big mug of vanilla tea.  It was so relaxing to enjoy a cup of tea with a delicious snack.  I love pb cookie larabars!

Here is a close-up of the bar, if you haven’t had this kind:

Then we hit the road to buy my new beautiful laptop :)  And now I’m writing this while munching on an orange…

We’re having our friends over for dinner.  I hope I don’t mess it up!

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