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November 29th, 2008 · 4 Comments · sandwich, yogurt

I am loving this 4-day weekend!  I am not getting anything productive done but I am definitely doing a whole lot of relaxing… and catching up on much needed blog reading.  It’s awesome!  But let me go back to breakfast…


I dug into the fridge this morning for breakfast inspiration and found 1 apple.  That’s all we had in the fruit department!  1 apple!  Ok, at least we had some fruit, I guess.  And what goes great with apples?  Peanut butter!  So this morning I threw together an apple and pb bowl. And I bulked it up with some yogurt :)


In the lovely bowl there was about 3/4 c of nonfat yogurt, 1 small apple, some Erin Baker’s peanut butter granola, Barbara’s peanut butter puffins and 1T of WF chunky peanut butter.  Is that enough peanut butter for you all? 😀  I loved it!

After gobbling this up in record time, I made myself a huge cup of New England Coffee chocolate cappuccino coffee with skim milk and agave nectar.  This coffee is my new obsession!


I had another great cardio workout today!  On the schedule was “4 miles fast.”  “Fast” means faster than a typical run, meant for improving your speed on weekend runs.  I planned on running at 6.8 mph but once I got going, 6.8 seemed way too slow, so I kept on increasing the speed up to 7.7 mph!  Yeah!  I warmed up with a 0.15 mile walk at 4.3 mph and a 0.15 mile run at 6.3, then did my 4 mile run as described above and cooled down by walking at 5.0 incline at 4.3 mph until I hit 40 minutes.  Then I jumped on the elliptical and did another 20 minutes, varying resistance and speed.  Total calories burnt: 750.  Awesome!


Of course after burning quite a few calories at the gym, I needed to feed myself.  I made some open faced tuna melts.  I combined a pod of 2% cottage cheese (=4 oz) with a can of white albacore tuna and some S&P.  Mashed that all together, put it over Arnold’s sandwich thin and covered it with 1/2 oz of white american cheese.  After a little toasting action, it was ready to be eaten.  A sour pickle perfectly completed this meal.  Yum! 

Close-up of one of these babies:

Ok, I’m off to do a whole lot of nothing! Love it 😀

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  • #1 - K

    I am all over that PB filled breakfast! Hope you had a relaxing day 😀

  • #2 - Lara

    I am jealous of your 4-day weekend, but more so of your workout! Wow! I am working on running that well. You have just given be some inspiration. I can rarely run above 7.0 and that is usually only for a short time. I might have to email you and ask you some running questions! Congrats on a great workout.
    Hope you conitunue to enjoy your weekend :)

  • #3 - Michelle

    I love 4-day weekends too! Love your lunch creation!

  • #4 - Elina

    Lara, you’re so sweet. I’m no runner but I definitely built up my endurance over the last few years. I remember the day when I couldn’t even finish 1 mile and when I finally did, I think I was bright red and ready to pass out. I roughly follow Hal Hannigan’s programs and I think that helps a lot! Email me if you have other questions :)