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Dinner success

November 29th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Eating Well, entertaining, pork

Our dinner was so much fun! I had a small scare for a second when the pork came out a little raw on the inside, but I quickly sauteed the slices in the pan and everyone was happy 😀

I used this recipe from Eating Well for Pork Tenderloin with roasted grape sauce. I steamed some green beans on the side and made some Uncle Ben’s parmesan and garlic rice. I made 6 servings of meat for 4 people, just in case. It was all gone! Actually we have a bunch of the grape sauce left but the pork and rice are gone. Everybody really liked it! Yay!

Here is my plate:

I also had a bunch more of the grape sauce, a tiny piece of the pork, and some of the leftover rice (a few spoonfuls) + about 1.5 glasses of white wine :)

For dessert I baked some TJ’s chocolate chunk cookies. They are SO good! We always keep some in the freezer for occasions like that. It’s perfect because you can make just one or the whole box. Last night I made 7 (what was left in the box) and once again they were all gone! Here is the plate, of which I had 2 (the second one was just calling my name and I couldn’t resist it :D):

And then a few hours later I grabbed a serving of TJ’s trek mix. No picture… I didn’t want to be too weird with all the pictures, but you’ve seen that stuff before, right? :)

Total calories for the day: 1879 (the second cookie + trail mix put me over the edge)

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