Dinner and a movie

Yesterday was such a great day!  I am a little embarrassed about not even leaving the apartment building (I did leave the apartment to go to the gym) but it was a much needed “house arrest” day. 😀  I did a lot of blog reading, so my unread messages are slowly shrinking.  The part of me that’s slightly OCD is happy about that.


About 3 or 4 hours after lunch I wanted to munch on something.  I wasn’t hungry, but just wanted something.  So I was going to make some hummus and eat it with some carrots, but apparently we were out of chickpeas so I just had this mother of a carrot:


Dinner came many hours later.  Seriously I was never hungry yesterday… maybe because I ate too many calories in the last week.  It was getting late, though, and we had plans to relax on the coach and watch a movie, so we made a buffalo chicken pizza and I definitely enjoyed it!  We always use 2/3 of TJ’s ww pizza dough and TJ’s pizza sauce for our pizzas.  Both are really good.  I’ve made my own pizza sauce before but the TJ’s is just as good (and a lot less work :) ) and I heard from a few other bloggers that TJ’s pizza dough is just as good as homemade, so why bother, right?  I actually can’t roll out pizza dough… it’s one of the only things my husband is in charge of.  I just get really frustrated and give up so now he’s responsible for this task.  I did sauté some chicken in a pan (sprayed with EVOO Pam), drenched it in Frank’s buffalo wing sauce (best stuff ever!) and helped him assemble this bad boy.  Here is the pizza before baking:

And here it is about 12 minutes later…

How good does that look?!  This was our best pizza ever!  I think we used more cheese than normally (1 cup for the whole thing) and it was the part-skim mozzarella as opposed to low fat stuff we typically use.  It definitely melted better and was just amazing!!!

I had 1/4 of the pie, with some leftover green beans and a V8 juice (because I felt like I didn’t have enough F&V for the day):

Mmm, buffalo chicken pizza….

Seriously this was amazing!  I can’t wait to have the leftovers!!

And then we plopped ourselves on the coach, opened a bottle of wine and watched “The Shooter.”  Here is my glass, it was some organic Moltepulciano:

The movie was pretty entertaining and the wine was delicious :)

And because I never had dessert after dinner, I had to go back for some chocolate covered edamames (1/2 serving).  Love these!

Total daily calorie count: 1506

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