Banana chocolate pancakes

Ok, so this title obviously reveales what I had for breakfast today.  I woke up still a little full from yesterday’s eating, but after a little while my stomach let me know it was time to eat.  My impulse was to make another yogurt mix, but I decided to take advantage of being at home (I can have yogurt any day of the week!) and looked through a few recipes I bookmarked.  I came across this one from Kath.  They sounded and looked delicious and I had all the ingredients!

I made 1/2 batch, substituting skim milk for 1% and using TJ’s nonfat european style yogurt.  Right before cooking the batter, I decided to add 2 T of unsweetened cocoa powder to make these chocolate pancakes and I also sliced up a medium banana, adding the slices to the batter after placing them on the skillet (for even distribution).  So that’s how chocolate banana pancakes came together this morning.  Here they are mid-cooking:

And here is my plate with 1 teaspoon of maple syrup for dipping:

I had a chocolate cappuccino coffee with skim milk and 1 teaspoon of agave nectar with this… and then I went back for 1 more pancake 😀  These were super moist and delicious!  I didn’t even need the maple syrup but I still used it because it was there and it was yummy.  Using the yogurt is totally genius!  Here is one of the pancakes upclose… I love how the bananas caremelize.  So sweet and delicious!

These are about 100 calories a pop with the bananas and the cocoa.  Not bad at all for such an indulgent tasting breakfast!

I’m going to relax a bit, hit the gym, and then I think I’m going to the Mac store to buy a new laptop!!!!  They are having a $100 off sale just for today that I think I can’t not take advantage off.  Maybe next post will be from a new laptop… Hopefully switching from a PC to a Mac won’t have too many growing pains :/

Have a great day!

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