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Dinner and a movie

November 30th, 2008 · 4 Comments · chicken, pizza, Uncategorized

Yesterday was such a great day!  I am a little embarrassed about not even leaving the apartment building (I did leave the apartment to go to the gym) but it was a much needed “house arrest” day. 😀  I did a lot of blog reading, so my unread messages are slowly shrinking.  The part of me that’s slightly OCD is happy about that.


About 3 or 4 hours after lunch I wanted to munch on something.  I wasn’t hungry, but just wanted something.  So I was going to make some hummus and eat it with some carrots, but apparently we were out of chickpeas so I just had this mother of a carrot:


Dinner came many hours later.  Seriously I was never hungry yesterday… maybe because I ate too many calories in the last week.  It was getting late, though, and we had plans to relax on the coach and watch a movie, so we made a buffalo chicken pizza and I definitely enjoyed it!  We always use 2/3 of TJ’s ww pizza dough and TJ’s pizza sauce for our pizzas.  Both are really good.  I’ve made my own pizza sauce before but the TJ’s is just as good (and a lot less work :) ) and I heard from a few other bloggers that TJ’s pizza dough is just as good as homemade, so why bother, right?  I actually can’t roll out pizza dough… it’s one of the only things my husband is in charge of.  I just get really frustrated and give up so now he’s responsible for this task.  I did sauté some chicken in a pan (sprayed with EVOO Pam), drenched it in Frank’s buffalo wing sauce (best stuff ever!) and helped him assemble this bad boy.  Here is the pizza before baking:

And here it is about 12 minutes later…

How good does that look?!  This was our best pizza ever!  I think we used more cheese than normally (1 cup for the whole thing) and it was the part-skim mozzarella as opposed to low fat stuff we typically use.  It definitely melted better and was just amazing!!!

I had 1/4 of the pie, with some leftover green beans and a V8 juice (because I felt like I didn’t have enough F&V for the day):

Mmm, buffalo chicken pizza….

Seriously this was amazing!  I can’t wait to have the leftovers!!

And then we plopped ourselves on the coach, opened a bottle of wine and watched “The Shooter.”  Here is my glass, it was some organic Moltepulciano:

The movie was pretty entertaining and the wine was delicious :)

And because I never had dessert after dinner, I had to go back for some chocolate covered edamames (1/2 serving).  Love these!

Total daily calorie count: 1506

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Finally catching up

November 29th, 2008 · 4 Comments · sandwich, yogurt

I am loving this 4-day weekend!  I am not getting anything productive done but I am definitely doing a whole lot of relaxing… and catching up on much needed blog reading.  It’s awesome!  But let me go back to breakfast…


I dug into the fridge this morning for breakfast inspiration and found 1 apple.  That’s all we had in the fruit department!  1 apple!  Ok, at least we had some fruit, I guess.  And what goes great with apples?  Peanut butter!  So this morning I threw together an apple and pb bowl. And I bulked it up with some yogurt :)


In the lovely bowl there was about 3/4 c of nonfat yogurt, 1 small apple, some Erin Baker’s peanut butter granola, Barbara’s peanut butter puffins and 1T of WF chunky peanut butter.  Is that enough peanut butter for you all? 😀  I loved it!

After gobbling this up in record time, I made myself a huge cup of New England Coffee chocolate cappuccino coffee with skim milk and agave nectar.  This coffee is my new obsession!


I had another great cardio workout today!  On the schedule was “4 miles fast.”  “Fast” means faster than a typical run, meant for improving your speed on weekend runs.  I planned on running at 6.8 mph but once I got going, 6.8 seemed way too slow, so I kept on increasing the speed up to 7.7 mph!  Yeah!  I warmed up with a 0.15 mile walk at 4.3 mph and a 0.15 mile run at 6.3, then did my 4 mile run as described above and cooled down by walking at 5.0 incline at 4.3 mph until I hit 40 minutes.  Then I jumped on the elliptical and did another 20 minutes, varying resistance and speed.  Total calories burnt: 750.  Awesome!


Of course after burning quite a few calories at the gym, I needed to feed myself.  I made some open faced tuna melts.  I combined a pod of 2% cottage cheese (=4 oz) with a can of white albacore tuna and some S&P.  Mashed that all together, put it over Arnold’s sandwich thin and covered it with 1/2 oz of white american cheese.  After a little toasting action, it was ready to be eaten.  A sour pickle perfectly completed this meal.  Yum! 

Close-up of one of these babies:

Ok, I’m off to do a whole lot of nothing! Love it 😀

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Dinner success

November 29th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Eating Well, entertaining, pork

Our dinner was so much fun! I had a small scare for a second when the pork came out a little raw on the inside, but I quickly sauteed the slices in the pan and everyone was happy 😀

I used this recipe from Eating Well for Pork Tenderloin with roasted grape sauce. I steamed some green beans on the side and made some Uncle Ben’s parmesan and garlic rice. I made 6 servings of meat for 4 people, just in case. It was all gone! Actually we have a bunch of the grape sauce left but the pork and rice are gone. Everybody really liked it! Yay!

Here is my plate:

I also had a bunch more of the grape sauce, a tiny piece of the pork, and some of the leftover rice (a few spoonfuls) + about 1.5 glasses of white wine :)

For dessert I baked some TJ’s chocolate chunk cookies. They are SO good! We always keep some in the freezer for occasions like that. It’s perfect because you can make just one or the whole box. Last night I made 7 (what was left in the box) and once again they were all gone! Here is the plate, of which I had 2 (the second one was just calling my name and I couldn’t resist it :D):

And then a few hours later I grabbed a serving of TJ’s trek mix. No picture… I didn’t want to be too weird with all the pictures, but you’ve seen that stuff before, right? :)

Total calories for the day: 1879 (the second cookie + trail mix put me over the edge)

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