Saturday night party

I feel like I’m so behind in blogging already and it’s only been a day’s worth of stuff. This weekend has been very much action packed. Thankfully tomorrow is a holiday so I get to rest from this weekend :)

So here is a quick recap of the party last night. This will be mostly pictures since I have a lot of ground to cover.

I started the party with a cider:

I sipped on that baby for a while, mostly because my mouth was busy munching. I was trying to be mindful of the fact that we just came from a dinner out, but being surrounded by food and the party atmosphere, my self-control did not last for long.

I popped the artichoke dip I assembled earlier today in the toasted oven when I got to the party. It was ready about 40 minutes later. Here is the first customer, excited about his first taste :)

And this is my first dip:

I probably had about 5-6 scoops like that throughout the night, but it could be more. I really stopped counting after a while. The spinach artichoke dip was a HUGE success again. As I mentioned before, the recipe came from I replaced the fat free cream cheese with the reduced fat kind, because I couldn’t find the fat free version, but otherwise followed the recipe to the T. Everyone was impressed!

Here is another happy customer eating the last very spinach-y bite:

Haha, I got her permission to post this online. And this is what was left of the pan (that held 22 servings):

In between various bites of the spinach artichoke dip, I had the following:

A chocolate cupcake (from a mix). It was “eh.”

Self explanatory, I think. I usually try to stay away from thing that I could have any time, but my guard was down last night. It was actually really yummy. It’s funny that I like these now, because when I first moved to the States I thought they were gross. Now with my obsession of peanut butter, these definitely are a nice treat! And then I hit the cookie “jar” (they were really in a tupperware container). Imagine this baby times 4. Yeah, go self-control!

These chocolate cookies were home made and finally hit the spot for my chocolate craving. I so overdid it with the muchies last night, it’s not even funny, but whatever, I’m ok with it. It’s not like I do it everyday (although some moderation could be nice!).

My other beverage was a vodka tonic from a very classy plastic cup:

There was no ice in that cup. I forgot to add it. The plastic cup threw me off. And then I also has some Andre champagne. Very little. Just a splash really.

So yeah, that was my Saturday night. It was a lot of fun, but definitely NOT healthy by any means. The plan was to revert back to my healthy normal life today and I did my best. A post on today’s fun is to follow.

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