Same old

Today is my all-bets-are-off day, but I woke up craving the same old yogurt parfait I make on weekdays. It’s actually really nice to know that I’m craving healthy things even on days I allow myself to completely indulge. It’s a beautiful day outside, so I got to take a sharp picture with all that natural light coming through the windows. This is it, first try and all :)

The yogurt parfait, as I call it, was about 5oz of Trader Joe’s 0% fat greek yogurt, a large pear, some wheat berries and a serving of Trader Joe’s nutty american trek mix. This trail mix is my absolutely favorite… I totally freak out when we run out. I had a few “incidents” in the past where I just grabbed the bag and started eating out of it. We know where these things usually lead to, so now the second I come home from TJ’s, I separate the bag into little snack size baggies. Much better, and perfect for packing breakfasts/snacks for work too. Yum! Oh, mid-way through eating I realized I forgot to add some cereal to this, so picture some kashi golean in there too.

Today is going to be pretty awesome. I just watched 2 episodes of the Biggest Loser (catching up from last week) while drinking a nice cup of coffee. I’m about to get ready to go get my nails done (much needed, heh?) and then relax with my husband. Then of course it’s off to dinner + party. I love weekends!!! :)

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