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I <3 ricotta cheese!

October 25th, 2008 · 4 Comments · breakfast

Oh man, I am still full from yesterday. I did some serious damage there, heh? Today is going to be much better! I’m actually excited to eat healthy (I usually am, I guess).

Almost every day I wake up starving but because of yesterday’s bingeing I had plenty of time this morning to think up a delicious breakfast. Now this wasn’t too fancy but it sure was kick-ass! I loooove ricotta cheese and when I remembered I had some in the fridge, my breakfast came together in minutes.

1/2 cup of part skim ricotta, 3 black mission figs and some hazelnuts, all drizzled with a tsp of pure maple syrup. This was pure bliss! Can I eat this again for lunch? JK 😀

While eating this I watched Ellie Krieger’s latest episode. Let’s just say I know what I’m having tomorrow for breakfast :) And guess what, ricotta cheese will make an appearance there too. My husband said he think I want to be Ellie Krieger. Ok, maybe… but a better looking one :)

I don’t know what today’s plans are. I think there may be some shopping, and of course a good workout! I’ll be back later to update you on lunch, dinner and everything in between. Have an awesome Saturday! I love weekends!!!!

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  • #1 - inna

    do you get the full fat ricotta cheese? i was at TJs yesterday (finally) and was on the verge of picking it up… and then looked on the back… do they even make it lower fat?

  • #2 - inna

    oh yeah.. and we went to Prune for brunch yesterday and the table next to us ordered the ricotta/ fig thing…. i totally thought of you 😀

  • #3 - Elina

    I always get the part skim ricotta… it’s a little lower fat than the plain kind but it’s super creamy so there is definitely no need for the whole milk version. I’ve seen the reduced fat kind but I’m a little afraid of it. I’ve had the fat free version before and it’s nasty.

    Yeah, this breakfast is totally Prune inspired 😀

  • #4 - inna

    thanks man
    gotta look out for that part skim yumminess