Eating on the go

Shopping took quite a bit today, and I didn’t even buy much. I was in a picky mood today so I tried on a lot of things but couldn’t really commit to much. I hate when that happens!

I did plan my meals very well by packing everything up with me. Since the last two days involved a lot of eating out, I wanted today to make my own food and not rely on mall food. So before leaving, I packed up a large salad of mixed greens, tomato, shredded carrots, roasted red peppers, wheat berries, some turkey and fresh mozzarella. I drizzled it all with some balsamic vinegar and packed a little baggie with few wheat crackers on the side.

There was a lot going on there, but it didn’t taste amazing. The fresh mozzarella was the best part :) I also packed one of my last few cocoa oatmeal bars that were inspired by Tina from carrotsncake. You can find her original recipe here, but I slightly modified it by reducing the amount of oil and chocolate chips used, and I think I also used egg beaters instead of eggs (I was out of eggs when I decided to bake). My modified version definitely needs to be modified further because they were delicious (because there was a lot of chocolate there) but kind of on the dry side. They definitely need more oil or something else to make them more moist. I’ve eaten 9 of them so far, though, so obviously they’re not bad 😉

Sorry for the super dark background… I took this picture in the dressing room while waiting for my husband. I guess there wasn’t much light there. Oh, I bought a coffee (with skim milk + sugar in the raw) to have with my snack. It was very satisfying.

By the time we finally go home I was definitely hungry. So I made this little mixture of chex mix, dried cherries, hazelnuts and almonds. I love this combo!

For dinner I planned on making the turkey lasagna (originally planned for last Friday!) but once again we couldn’t wait that long. It was already 7:30 and it wouldn’t be ready until like 9pm, so instead I decided to make a sandwich. Actually it ended up being two open-faced sandwiches because I couldn’t decide which combo I wanted more :)

The left half is a slice of Arnold’s double fiber whole wheat bread with a bit of pesto sauce, tomato slices and fresh mozzarella. The other half (which I ended up liking even more) was topped with sabra original hummus and 1 1/2 slices of turkey. I am stuffed now!

It’s almost 9pm and I still haven’t gone to the gym. The day totally got away from me, and I still need to clean the house and cook up a few things. I was planning on baking but that’s obviously not happening tonight. Can we have tomorrow off too? 😀

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